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The role of RPF Inkotanyi is to make sure that we are never ashamed of who we are-Kagame



The President of the Republic and Chairman of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) Inkotanyi, Paul Kagame has urged leaders spearhead fast implementation of national development programs and serve the country with utmost efficiency.

Kagame made the remarks today at Intare Conference Arena in Rusororo as he opened the Bureau Politique meeting attended by over 2000 RPF Inkotanyi cadres from the country and beyond.

The meeting aimed at evaluating how far members are in achieving the goals of RPF Inkotanyi, the country in general and discuss needed steps to push forward national progress.

Serving with figures of Rwanda’s economic growth, Kagame reminded leaders to do what is possible and avoid whatever tends to impede economic growth.

Rwanda’s economy grew by 8.5% last year.  In the first quarter of 2019, there was growth of 8.4% and the second quarter was 12.2%.

Based on these figures, President Kagame said: “This shows us what is possible. It also shows us that sometimes we stand in our own way and do not achieve what we are capable of.”

He told them that such efforts should not be taken for granted because more achievements need to be realized.

“We are not only capable of achieving more but we need to reach these goals. Rwanda needs to develop, we need jobs for our youth and others, we need infrastructure, agriculture and food security and selling to the domestic market and beyond,” he said.

“We need schools, hospitals, ICT, we need everything that moves a people forward. All of this is not free, it must be paid for. Where do we get what it requires? It must come from within our economy and the result of our work,” added Kagame.

He said that Made in Rwanda is part of Rwanda’s policies and choices showing what Rwandans are able to achieve.

Kagame also called on RPF Inkotanyi members to work hard for Rwanda’s success by living right values.

“The role of RPF is to make sure that we are never ashamed of who we are. Not being ashamed means not doing anything that is shameful, it means rejecting a standard of living that is shameful. Not living ashamed means rejecting a life that does not give you what you deserve, a life spent begging, a life of division and being unproductive,” he noted.

“For our economy to continue to grow, it cannot only be a result of work. It is also about the way you work and your values, the way people work together, live together and uphold the right values. All of this has a role in improving our economy,” added Kagame.

1568635208The Bureau Politique meeting was  attended by over 2000 RPF Inkotanyi cadres from the country and beyond.

The Bureau Politique meeting was attended by over 2000 RPF Inkotanyi cadres from the country and beyond.

Among others; the President stressed that leaders who are not delivering should get out of the way of Rwandans achieving their goals.

He was commenting on the recent wave of mayoral resignations and highlighted that what they did was a logical decision because leaders failing to deliver need to get out of the way of Rwandans achieving their goals.

The spate of resignations among high profile officials in over 10 districts across the country circulated over the past two weeks and spread to districts including Muhanga, Musanze, Burera, Ngororero, Gisagara, Karongi, Rutsiro Rubavu, Nyamasheke among others where either vice mayors or mayors resigned  citing personal reasons or forced to leave office.

Kagame also called on concerned leaders to be keen on making follow up, coordinate and speak to who they are supposed to speak with to prevent avoidable consequences emanating from irresponsibility.

He pointed out an example of road accidents which need to be reduced embracing stern measures to curb over speeding and drunk driving which have claimed lives of many people.

Kagame said that there are people who have been treated unfairly and have nowhere to complain because leaders are part of the problem.

He urged them to turn against the culture of harassment and injustice, respecting everyone, children, women and elders among others.

“By not solving the unjust treatment of people, you are robbing us of the progress we should be making,” noted Kagame.

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