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New STRAWTEC Facility Affordable construction solutions for developers and investors



STRAWTEC tackles the high demand for affordable construction head on by manufacturing innovative mo- dular building panels in the Kigali Special Economic Zone, with a value chain based entirely in Rwanda.

STRAWTEC supplys high quality, cost effective building solutions to developers and investors.
With a local production capacity of 500,000 sqm of building panels per annum (equiva- lent to approximately 2,000 dwelling units), STRAWTEC offers modular construction sys- tems based on material that has been proven in Europe for over 70 years.

These systems reduce development costs and increase profitability by minimizing supply chain risk, financing costs, con-

struction time, dimensions of loadbearing structures and time to market.
STRAWTEC – the green and sustainable solution of choice.

STRAWTEC panels have excellent green credentials and already fulfill future requi- rements for sustainable, energy efficient and healthy building materials.

The use of locally produced STRAWTEC panels instead of conventional materials like cement blocks leads to a substantial re- duction in CO2 emissions.

FONERWA, the National Climate Change and Environment Fund, has partnered with STRAWTEC in a project to substantially reduce the carbon footprint of construction. Zero Carbon Designs, the lead institution in the FONERWA project, uses a fully integra- ted design approach. With a highly experi- enced team of Rwandan and international professionals, Zero Carbon Designs combi- nes low carbon building materials with a green sustainable neighborhood design, put into context specifically for Rwanda.

Reduced Costs and Project Risk

STRAWTEC’s construction solutions considerably reduce project costs and project risk due to:

4A controlled production environment leading to consistently high quality materials

4Reductions in construction time based on ease of assembly at the construction site

4Reduced dimensions of the loadbearing structure, including foundations and pillars

4Substantial savings in financing costs 4Reduced supply chain risk due to use of locally

produced materials
4Use of a green, low carbon building technology 4Fast time to market

Residential Construction

Single family homes

Building a modular family home on an existing foundation can be done in a matter of days. All STRAWTEC modules are being pre-cut and numbered in the production facility. The time for the fit-out and finishes depends on the standard selected.


To achieve a high-density development, apartment’s blocks are the pre- ferred choice.
STRAWTEC’s fast and cost effective multi-storey apartment solution is based on a load bearing structure (i.e. lightweight metal or reinforced concrete) in combination with STRAWTEC floor slabs, partitions and facade in-fills. All STRAWTECmodules, windows, doors and the light-weight metal structures are made in Kigali and meet high quality standards.


STRAWTEC’s self-supporting wall systems deliver an exceptional combination of high performance properties, fast and flexible construction, and light weight. STRAWTEC provides a signifi- cantly faster and more cost-effective solution.

Space Saving

With a width of just 58mm, STRAWTEC optimizes the available floor space in a project. Put into context, the installation of STRAWTEC as an alternative to cement blocks will add up to 5% in usable floor space by reducing the thickness of the walls.


The paint-ready surface of STRAWTEC modules ensures the easy application of standard finishings such as primer, paint, plaster or tiles, resulting in good quality, durable internal finishes.
For ultimate flexibility, STRAWTEC offers ready-laminated panels fitted with aluminium profiles for partitioning in offices and shopping centres, combining extremely fast construction times, a durable finish and a wall that can be easily demounted and re-positioned.

Customized Solutions

STRAWTEC also offers customized solutions for enhanced soundproofing and bulletproofing, typically used in hotels, high- end commercial buildings and offices.

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