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How to Increase Free Chlorine in Your Pool: A Comprehensive Guide



In the sweltering summer, a glittering, crystal-clear swimming pool is a cool haven. Keeping the water’s chemical equilibrium is essential to keeping it in perfect shape. Maintaining an acceptable quantity of free chlorine is one of the essential components of pool water care. Chlorine is necessary for disinfecting water and halting the development of dangerous germs and algae. In this post, we’ll look at practical ways to maintain your pool clean and safe for you to enjoy by adding more free chlorine to it.

Recognising the Value of Free Chlorine

It is crucial to comprehend the relevance of free chlorine before we dig into the techniques for raising it. Free chlorine is the chlorine that is still present in the water and can be used to remove impurities. In order to oxidise organic waste and eliminate hazardous microbes, it is essential. The risk of waterborne diseases and infections is decreased by maintaining an appropriate free chlorine level, which also promotes a sanitary swimming environment.

Testing and Monitoring Continually

Checking the present levels of free chlorine in your pool’s water is the first step in boosting them. Measure the levels of both free chlorine and mixed chlorine using a dependable test kit. For a household pool, aim for a free chlorine level of 2-4 parts per million (ppm). It’s time to act if the levels are below the advised range.

Surprise Your Pool

One effective way to quickly increase free chlorine in your pool is to shock it. Chlorine is added in high amounts to the water during pool shocking, which breaks down chloramines and other contaminants. Follow these instructions to successfully shock your pool:

a. Based on the volume of your pool, determine the required amount of shock.
b. Use a shock product for pools that is appropriate for the sort of pool you have (such as calcium hypochlorite or non-chlorine shock).
c. Include the shock treatment in the late afternoon or early evening to avoid chlorine loss from sunshine.
d. After adding the shock, use the pool pump and filtration system for at least eight hours to fully circulate the water.

Maintain a healthy pH balance.

The pH of the water in your pool directly affects how effective chlorine is. At high pH levels, chlorine may lose part of its effectiveness and become less effective at sanitising the water. To enhance the effectiveness of free chlorine:

a. Regularly check the pH of the pool and adjust it to the advised range of 7.4 to 7.6.
b. To adjust the pH to the appropriate value, use pH increasers (such as soda ash) or pH reducers (such as muriatic acid).

Use tablets or sticks of chlorine

It’s practical to keep the chlorine in the pool released steadily using chlorine pills or sticks. They disintegrate gradually and offer a steady supply of free chlorine. For even dispersion across the pool, put them in a special skimmer basket or a floating chlorinator.

Maintain and regularly clean the pool.

Effective chlorine effectiveness depends on keeping your pool clean and well-maintained. The growth of algae is encouraged by debris, leaves, and other organic material that consumes chlorine. the following advice:

a. Regularly skim the pool to get rid of floating trash.
b. Vacuum the pool walls and floor to remove accumulated debris.
d. Maintain proper water circulation by frequently cleaning the pool filter.
d. Backwash the filter as necessary to keep it functioning properly.


Everyone can enjoy a safe and relaxing swim in a pool that has been properly maintained and is at the proper free chlorine concentration. Important components of pool upkeep include routine testing, shock treatments, pH regulation, and the usage of chlorine tablets. Additionally, maintaining a clean, debris-free pool ensures that chlorine works as intended and extends the life of your pool’s equipment. With three crucial procedures, you can reliably raise the free chlorine level in your pool and take pleasure in a spotless swimming environment all summer long.

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