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Hotel Des Mille Collines by Kempinski Organizes a Christmas tree lighting occasion for Inema Arts kids, promises a warm meal and heart for everyone



Then he felt as though the world was four walled synonymous  to his small room at home, which were at the moment faulting and crumbling down on him, with the rising dust from the ruins suffocating him and the flying blocks injuring him, inflicting pain to his every member.

This was a time that created a foundation for fundamental change for young Emmanuel Nkuranga, at just about 10 years old in 1997 when his mother, his favorite person he admits died.

However, some emotions that emerged from the moment like loneliness and the outsider feeling that would once in a while engulf Nkuranga, though subtle were demons determined to haunt his conscious and deter him from being his earlier self again even after days had elapsed after the tragic loss.

At least this lasted for so long until he discovered a platform a new platform where he could express himself and run away from the torments of his present life and the ghosts of the past. Though his dialogue involved just him and his painter’s tools, fine art presented a remedy for Nkuranga.

“I begun to draw, draw, and draw. I would draw almost everything and anything so long as that gave me that sought after moment to get busy on something and make myself productive.”

The result of the daily practice and the love for painting and drawing had one result, or at least one major outcome, Emmanuel Nkuranga became a self-made painter and media expressionist who eventually founded one of Rwanda’s leading art centers Inema Arts.

But like any learned African will argue, it is a crime to forget one’s roots.

After founding Inema Arts, Nkuranga still felt there was something more he wanted to do; sharing the healing a recovering power in art and design to the benefit of other dissolute orphans.

This is what prompted him to establish what is now called “Art with a mission Program” which targets to unlock the hidden artistic talent and potentials of orphaned and other vulnerable children.

Pieces that result from the project’s work are then sold and proceeds utilized in supporting the children in financing their daily survival in addition to paying school fees.

The need to make a living out of what they do, and find roots on which to base their otherwise shaken lives, is what makes Hotel Des Mille Collines by Kempinski’s support of offering the four star facility’s space for exhibiting art pieces of the youngsters for a month period quite extraordinary.

While officially exhibiting the artifacts of orphaned children of Inema Arts’ Art with a mission at the reception lobby and on the ground balcony on the evening of December 4th, Hotel Des Mille Collines by Kempinski did something more to commend.

The evening saw over 35 children who largely have no traditional families light a Christmas tree and dine on some delicious bites, courtesy of Hotel Des Mille Collines by Kempinski.

According to Nkuranga, many of the kids were having the warm Christmas season feeling for the very first time in their lives as they had no families to offer and share such wonderful moments with.

“Giving the children of Art with a mission an opportunity of a loving family, by giving them a Christmas tree to light and Santa Cruz to give them sweets and amuse them is a big moral support, and of course which is reinforced with the opportunity for the young aspiring professional artists to have their work exhibited.

“This is wow; personally I have never had the opportunity to exhibit my artifacts in a great renowned facility like Mille Collines. This means a lot to the self confidence of our young artists and I am sure they will paint even more, and better considering push offered through this intervention.”

Besides offering free space for the aspiring artists to exhibit their works, Hotel Des Mille Collines by Kempinski presented to Inema Arts a set of painting equipment for the over 35 kids now in the training to unearth their artistic talent, so as to help them go on to the next stage of developing their careers in fine art and design.

According to the “Art with a mission” founder, the training received by the youngsters intends to unearth artistic talent in every one because he believes there is such in anyone.

“Everyone has an artistic way they view things so what we do is just unearth this and give them the skills to express themselves through art.”

Speaking on the evening to commence Christmas with the Inema Arts kids, Christoph Strohm, the General Manager of Hotel Des Mille Collines by Kempinski recalled the institution’s strong interest in taking part in the development of the Rwandan community and facilitating people to reach for their dreams.

“Hotel Des Mille Collines is a family, and our promise is that we have warm people radiating with warm smiles and service to serve you with warm delicious meals this Christmas as we celebrate the festive season and usher in a new year,” Sacha Haguma, the Marketing Manager of the hotel emphasized.

In the recent past following the takeover of management of Hotel Des Mille Collines by Europe’s oldest hospitality management firm Kempinski, the facility has been engaged in various activities of giving back to the Rwandan community, all of which display one thing that the four star facility it has and continues to be part of the Rwandan people’s support.

Great treats for the festive season wait at Hotel Des Mille Collines

December 25th (Christmas Day), December 31st (New years eve), and January 1st (New year’s Day) are specially marked on most calendars, especially presenting opportune moments for families to converge and enjoy together.

Understanding how special these days are for people in the part of the world where Rwanda is, Kigali’s preferred living room, Hotel Des Mille Collines by Kempinski has plans worked out such that this year’s festive season will be a lasting memory to its guests.

Celebrate Christmas in serenity in the company of family and friends

o    Chritsmas Family Dinner @ La Terrasse: Savour a mouthwatering buffet while the children are entertained by table magician, jumping castle and more, and enjoy the smooth sounds of the band at RWF 25,000 per person (pp).

o    Christmas Gourmet Dinner à la Chef @ Le Panorama: Treat yourself to an exquisite fine cuisine set menu meticulously assembled by our Executive Chef Douglas Santi at RWF 45,000 pp.

o    Christmas Night Party @ Legacy Lounge: Celebrate Christmas with your loved ones with an eclectic performance of Jazz & Blues brought to you by Mico’s band.

o    Christmas Brunch @ La Terrasse: Enjoy festive dishes from a buffet landscape with family, friends and relaxing chill out music at RWF 20,000 pp, as your children get entertained throughout the brunches and dinners.


Want to remember 2015 New Year’s Day, come and be treated to the best


On 31 December 2014;

o    New Year’s Eve Jam Dinner Buffet @ La Terrasse: Enjoy a tempting dinner buffet while jamming with the artists of acclaimed “Kigali Up Soundcheck Series” at RWF 25,000 pp.

o    New Year’s Gala Dinner with a view @ Le Panorama: Indulge in fine cuisine with luxury starter buffet, 2 fine courses set menu and mouthwatering dessert buffet, accompanied by breathtaking views over the hills of Kigali at RWF 35,000 pp.

o    New Year’s Eve Party @ Legacy Lounge: Experience a true Nuit Blanche to start the New Year in style, complimentary entrance for dinner and hotel guests, and at a fee of RWF 15,000 pp for external guests.

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