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Designing for Safety: Best Practices in Grocery Store Construction



Grocery Store

With pandemic recovery underway, consumers are pushing their grocers to accelerate sustainability initiatives. That means Grocery Store must be strategic when planning new store construction or remodeling projects.

Safe design involves incorporating safety considerations into construction processes. It follows the hierarchy of controls, identifying and eliminating hazards before implementing administrative or physical protective measures.

Create a Theme

Grocery building construction CA is unique, and a contractor with experience building other types of retail buildings may need to prepare to handle the nuances inherent in grocery stores. Hiring a contractor who doesn’t understand the unique requirements of this type of project can lead to costly change orders, schedule delays, and even missed completion dates.

The emergence of specialty grocers has been driven by the desire to provide consumers with a more personalized shopping experience. In addition to the standard selection of food, these stores often feature cafes and wine bars. This is in stark contrast to the traditional grocers that were built primarily on product selection and convenience.

Additionally, each grocery store has different shelving requirements and layouts, including gondolas and miscellaneous shelving. Coordinating this with the mechanical and electrical roughing ductwork and refrigeration equipment is necessary. Proper waste management is also essential, as grocery stores generate a tremendous amount of cardboard.

Reuse Existing Infrastructure

The typical grocery store occupies 40,000 square feet, but customer purchase and delivery developments are causing these spaces to shrink.

Customers are starting to place a greater value on sustainability, and grocery stores are expected to respond. Climate responsibility goes beyond public relations and compliance to a customer-, shareholder- and employee-driven imperative that must be incorporated into end-to-end business decision-making.

Maintaining a clean and modern shopping appearance for customers is also a top priority for most grocers. These maintenance issues can be some of the most expensive work orders, and it’s crucial to have a strong maintenance team supported by an exceptional work order management system (WOMS) to prevent budget overruns. When possible, reusing existing infrastructure is the best approach. This reduces the environmental impact of a construction project as well as reducing costs. In some cases, this can even help a grocer save on utility bills.

Create an Experience

A key component to getting shoppers in the door is a welcoming atmosphere. Consider creating spaces to cook food, sample products, or hang out. These features will create excitement, attract customers, and keep them returning.

Another great feature is an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). This technology will help improve store productivity by reducing labor costs and improving efficiency.

Every grocery store needs various sized and shaped soffits for areas like the floral area, seafood market, customer service facilities, and deli. Having these in place will ensure the proper ventilation for these departments.

Having a detailed MEP plan from construction is also essential to reduce waste and keep the project on budget. A quality MEP plan will include sustainable design best practices, which can help your grocery store meet its sustainability goals.

Create Space for Killing Time

In an era when most Americans limit spending, grocers should think creatively about ways to draw customers into the store. Consider offering a cafe, sushi bar, cooking demonstrations, and other exciting amenities in your grocery store design.

A reshaping of the store layout may also be a good idea. Typical grocery store floor plans are grids that require navigating through many aisles. This could be more efficient for shoppers. Incorporating an angular layout with high-margin items can boost sales and make the store feel less congested.

Another way to reduce congestion is to base shelf space on accurate forecasts. These provide the basis for fewer deliveries and more direct-to-shelf flows.

In addition, allow customers to call ahead and place orders for pickup to avoid the line inside your grocery store. This option is precious for sensitive populations like the elderly or immune-compromised patrons. A retail builder can help you decide if this is an appropriate solution for your facility.

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