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Whenever you think of flying to any destination around the world, think of flying with Turkish Airlines. There is no other reason to this but to be sure of getting world class services, timely arrivals and departures and a flight trip worth your wallet.

When we talk of airlines that have grown to success, the first that comes in mind is Turkish Airlines. Though the airline was plagued by several difficult issues, it has emerged as a world class airline which flies the most countries in the world, the second biggest airline which flies to maximum destinations from one hub, and the 4th largest airline in terms of network size. With this background Turkish Airlines has a success story to tell to the world and especially to the people of Africa and Rwanda in a more specific way. Mr. Mevl¸t Kayar, the Turkish Airlines Vice President of Marketing & Sales says that this success comes with reasons.

Turkish Airlines has over the last 80 years grown to become one of the worldís best airlines, categorized among the star alliance member airlines, mainly because of the commitment of the Turkish people to serve, the enormous investment in the industry, and hard work through experience He also says that the secret behind this success is that while other airlines charge high prices for the air tickets, Turkish Airlines has capitalized on expanding its destinations to all parts of the world and using minimal expenses to cover such flights so as to provide these services at a cheaper price.

Mr. Mevl¸t Kayar says that a high level service concept, flight destinations increasing every day, world famous catering, on board entertainment and experienced personnel have made Turkish Airlines one of the best airlines in Europe and around the world. Our main objective is to become the best airline in the world as long as it takes. We try to attain this by providing the best services to all our clients and ensure customer satisfaction. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on employing highly trained staff members who can deliver

    Why fly Turkish

As we said, Turkish airlines is a world class, comfortable and up to the best of services you can ever get in any airline- this is why it has become a global airline of preference in Europe, Asia, Africa and all over.  According to APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) passenger choice awards, Turkish ranks among the top 5 airlines in Europe ad among the 5 best in the world.

No matter long your trip is, you can still stay on top of your work and keep up with the latest developments in the world. Thanks to Planet- you can send/receive sms messages, emails and follow political and financial news, entertainment scoops and weather forecasts online. The Planet entertainment system brings you a world of entertainment at your disposal- talk about all sorts of cinema TV, music, Radio, Live TV and wireless internet access-in brief, a world of entertainment within only a hand\’s reach.

All the B777s and some of the A330,A321 and B737 TK aircrafts that recently joined the TK flee are equipped with necessary ports that enable the business class passengers to view contents of their personal USB or iPod contents on monitors fitted on the backrest of seats in front of them.

A fine dining experience with Turkish Airlines is an unforgettable experience. The airline offers delectable menus composed by master chefs (including flying chefs) to accommodate a variety of palatable tastes, rich selections of beverages and succulent desserts to sweeten the flying experience of all passengers.

As you enter the plane, you will be welcomed by highly trained hostess who will ensure that you have a drink to welcome you, with a smile in addition.

To ensure the standard of services the airline staff goes through 100% mark training sessions which are conducted in at the Turkish Airlines Aviation training center located in Istanbul- the trainees have to be perfect in every single exercise and no mistakes are allowed. All Turkish fleets are state-of the-art to ensure a firm competition in the aviation sector and as a response the needs of the clients in this century that is driven by use technology. The airline has also purchased six flight assimilation cabins for pilots (each worth 15million USD) – these cabins have been purchased to provide training for the 1200 pilots needed to match with the 120 state-of the art-plane that will be added to the set of TK fleets this year. The airline is in dire need of pilots to fill up this demand once the new set of fleets is purchased. This is also an opportunity for Rwandan pilots and anybody who feels qualified to train for the piloting program is invited to register with Turkish Aviation training program which will begin this year.

Rwanda’s benefit from TK

In 2012, Turkish Airlines made its maiden flight to Kigali, adding Rwanda to its growing list of destinations around the world, offering a service that will fly 5 times a week between Istanbul and Kigali during the initial launch period. Turkish Airlines and RwandAir are also working on a code-sharing agreement which will benefit the local airline since Turkish Airlines connects to the rest world of the world.

By 13th of May this year (2013), Turkish Airlines plans on launching a new cargo service that will open up the Rwandan business community to the Turkish market. This service, according to the Turkish Airlines Rwanda Country Manager, Mr. Isler Burcin will enable Rwandans to explore business opportunities in Turkey and be in position to have their goods imported at a cheap and Mr. Burcin also says that the Turkish government is planning on opening an embassy in Kigali, following the good bilateral relationship between the two countries. This has apparently resulted to the recent opening of a Rwandan consulate in Istanbul in March 2013.

Burcin also says that in the pipeline, the airline is planning on launching a new cargo service for the business communities between Kigali and Istanbul. This will open up more opportunity for both countries in term of doing business on a mutual basis. The business community in Rwanda will highly benefit from this new service and it will reduce of the costs of importing goods from Turkey and this initiative will also positively impact of the economy of Rwanda.

 History of Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines (Turkish-TK) is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey, headquartered at the Turkish Airlines General Management Building on the grounds of Atat¸rk Airport in Istanbul. It operates scheduled services to 184 international and 37 domestic airports, serving a total of 221 airports, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas as of February 2013.

With an increase to 98 destination countries, the carrier\’s destination network from one hub is the world\’s largest. Also with 221 destination numbers, the airline 5th biggest carrier in the world by number of destinations. The airline\’s main base is at Atat¸rk International Airport, with secondary hubs at Esenbo_a International Airport, Antalya International Airport, Sabiha GˆkÁen International Airport, and Adnan Menderes Airport. In 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 THY carried 17.0 million, 19.7 million, 22.5 million, 25.1 million, 29 million, 32.6 million and 39,0 million passengers with total revenues of US$2.23, $3.0, $4.5, $4.0, $5.6, $7.1 and $9.0 billion, respectively.
The airline has 15,679 employees and has been a member of the Star Alliance network since 1 April 2008. Other airline companies that are/were owned or co-owned by Turkish Airlines include AnadoluJet, SunExpress, Cyprus Turkish Airlines,North Cyprus Airlines and B&H Airlines.
From April 2010 TURKISH replaced TURKAIR on the ICAO Official allocated callsign.

Discovering the city of Istanbul

Turkish airlines will lead you to this beautiful city that has a very stunning culture and historical background. But as a matter of fact, you need a tour guide and there are many tour companies and guides but I will recommend one- that is Tour Istanbul. This company has one guide called Meral Cetin- she will give you the best tours of your lifetime- she is of the one of the most experience, down to earth and culturally open minded guides you will always remember after you leave Istanbul.

Istanbul has served as the capital city of various empires in its history is the most crowded city of Turkey and Europe. This is a city that has always been at a crossroads between Asia and Europe, between history and modernity, between the conservatives and the free-thinkers.

Etymologically, the name İstanbul     (Turkish pronunciation: [isˈtanbuɫ], colloquially [ɯsˈtambuɫ]) derives from the Medieval Greek phrase “εἰς τὴν Πόλιν” (pronounced [is tin ˈpolin]), which means in the city or to the city
Istanbul, just like every world city, has to cope with its typical tourist scams. Although most Turks are unbelievably honest and would go the extra mile to help you rather than rip you off, in a city with well over 12 million inhabitants, you\’ll always find a few people with different intentions. This shouldn\’t scare you, on the contrary.

With its population of around 13 million, Istanbul is the third most crowded city in the world following Bombay and Mexico. Istanbul holds the 34th rank in the world with its annual production of 133 billion dollar. It is the cultural and financial center of Turkey. It extends along the coast of the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait in the northwest of Turkey and encompasses the Golden Horn.

The European side of Istanbul is called Thrace and the Asian side is called Anatolia. Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents. The city has 39 districts together with the new districts and 40 municipalities in total including the metropolitan municipality. Being one of the oldest cities of the world, Istanbul was the capital city of Roman Empire, East Roman Empire, Latin Empire and finally Ottoman Empire, Istanbul has been a cosmopolitan city throughout much of its history, but it has become more homogenized since the end of the Ottoman Empire. Still, most of Turkey\’s religious and ethnic minorities remain concentrated in Istanbul. The vast majority of people across Turkey, and in Istanbul, consider themselves Muslim.

Getting Around

Istanbul has one of the most welcoming people and almost 99% of the citizens will show you a warm welcome to their country. Most of them are very interested in meeting new people and for African visitors it becomes very exceptional- because they have a feeling that Africans are warm hearted people and loving.

While in Istanbul, it is highly advisable to hire a rental car with a driver, have a guide or spend two days mastering the roads. The traffic in Istanbul is very heavy, especially at rush hours; the street plan is byzantine to say the least, and street signs and numbers are frequently lacking and often crowded streets.

English is not as widely spoken as is sometimes asserted and some people will try to speak the little English they know or use gestures when things donít work out. And taxis, while plentiful, sometimes don\’t bother to use the meter, which means haggling over every ride or simply paying the piper.

Moreover, there are countless little ways in which your driver will run interference for you during your stay. The major rental-car agencies are represented at the Istanbul airport and can supply a driver with the car. Rental rates often change, but generally charge $170-$200 per day, depending upon the size of the automobile.

Istanbul is characterized as having a Mediterranean climate, Northern parts of the city express characteristics of an oceanic climate and one of the most salient characteristics of the climate in parts of Istanbul is its persistently high humidity, which reaches 80 percent most mornings. During summer months, high temperatures average around 29 ∞C (84 ∞F) and rainfall is uncommon.

Must see or visit

There are so many historical sites and this city has enormous Museums, Mosques & Complexes, Churches & Synagogues,  Palaces & Pavilions, Bazaars Turkish Baths, Fortress, Statues & Monuments, Towers & Castles, Fountains & Cisterns, Squares, Parks & Woods. The list is endless unless you personally visit Istanbul to witness the beauty of history and art that is presented at each of the sites.

But I will dare you not to miss out shopping at the Grand Bazaar for all oriental and modern shopping goodies and shopping at the Istanbul Spice Market, Istanbul Cevahir Mall, plus tasting the Turkish Cabeb and the Turkish Shisha pipe, and taking a boat ride to witness historical sites like the Ottoman tours located along the sea that connects the European side and Asian side of Turkey.

In our next editions we shall bring you the life of Turkish people, the business opportunities and the cultural aspects that Rwanda and the rest of the world can learn from Turkish people.

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