Hope Magazine News http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php articles from Rwandas first daily. Copyright Hope Magazine en-us http://www.hope-mag.com//images/logos.jpg Hope Magazine http://www.hope-mag.com/ Muhanga teacher wins Rwf 8m in Tigo promotion http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3177 Primary school teacher Delphine Nyirangirimana Irangaza, who lives in Shogwe Sector, Muhanga District, has won Rwf 8 million in the Tigo Rwanda Imvura y’Amafaranga promotion. The single mother of two is the first winner of the grand daily prize of Rwf 8 million. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 26th July 2017 Access Bank savers to win big in 6-month promo http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3176 Access Bank Rwanda has launched a savings promotion ‘Save Today, Take Tomorrow’ in which customers can win lots of exciting prizes, including a grand prize of Rwf 4 million. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 26th July 2017 Motorcyclist praised for safeguarding injured passenger’s millions http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3175 On Sunday, Augustin Kayinamura took a motorcycle from the city centre to Nyabugogo, but along the way they were involved in an accident with a coaster bus. - Hope Magazine Tuesday, 25th July 2017 RPF candidate Paul Kagame winds up campaign in Eastern Province http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3174 The chairman of the RPF Inkotanyi, President Paul Kagame, on Sunday wound up his campaign in the Eastern Province with rallies in Kirehe, Ngoma and Rwamagana. - Hope Magazine Monday, 24th July 2017 RRA to boost revenue collection with EBM upgrade http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3173 Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) has introduced new electronic billing machines (EBMs) with the aim of further improving value-added tax (VAT) collection. - Hope Magazine Friday, 21st July 2017 ‘RPF politics is about transformation’ Kagame in Rulindo http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3172 The RPF Inkotanyi candidate, President Paul Kagame, on Thursday campaigned in Rulindo District in the Northern Province, where he addressed a crowd of close to 200,000 supporters who gathered in Gasiza Cell, Bushoki Sector. - Hope Magazine Friday, 21st July 2017 KCB Rwanda collaborates with IFC and WFP to finance smallholder farmers http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3171 The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) are launching smallholder farmer financing programs with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to improve food security among vulnerable people in Rwanda and Tanzania. - Hope Magazine Friday, 21st July 2017 Tremendous achievements of the 7-year Government Program http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3168 Seven years later, and 23 years after the RPF stopped the Genocide against the Tutsis, liberated the country from discriminatory and hateful politics, and led Rwandans on the path to socioeconomic liberation, it is time to assess what has been achieved of the government programme which was based on the four pillars of Good Governance, Justice, Economic Development and Social Wellbeing. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 20th July 2017 RRA Increasing tax compliance to finance Rwanda’s development http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3167 In line with the government’s objective of reducing aid dependency and financing the national budget entirely with its own resources, Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA), established in 1997, has made continuous efforts to widen the tax base and improve tax compliance and revenue collection. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 20th July 2017 Rwanda Law Reform Commission to fully review legislation within 5 years http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3166 The Rwanda Law Reform Commission (RLRC) might not be the best known public institution in the country, but it plays a very important role in ensuring legal and judicial harmony – making sure that laws are properly drafted, that they don’t contradict each other or the Constitution, and continuously reviewing laws to ensure they stay relevant. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 20th July 2017 BRD to support energy and manufacturing through Afrexim facility http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3165 The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) and the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) have signed an agreement for a $10-million credit facility to support energy and manufacturing projects in Rwanda. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 20th July 2017 BRALIRWA continues efforts to improve local sourcing contributing to socioeconomic development http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3164 Enshrined in one of the company’s core visions of empowering communities in which it operates, BRALIRWA Ltd a member of the Heineken Group is steadily pushing forward its agenda of increased local sourcing of its raw-materials. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 20th July 2017 UAP’s innovative crop insurance is good for farmers and for agri-businesses http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3163 The National Agricultural Show, which was held late June in Mulindi, carried the theme ‘Adopt climate resilient technologies to improve farmers’ livelihoods.’ The theme highlighted the increasing risk posed by climate change, which can severely affect harvests, or even wipe them out entirely. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 20th July 2017 Thanks to VisionFund, Gatsibo group prospers and takes care of poor children http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3162 Before 2014, Jeannette Batekereze was trying to earn a living by selling local beverages at her house, but it wasn’t easy. Married with six children and with two other dependents in her care, she hardly managed to get food on the table of her home in Rebero village in Gatsibo district. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 20th July 2017 National Employment Program receives Frw 6.2 billion to boost job creation http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3169 The governments of Rwanda and Sweden have signed financing agreement worth $7.4 million (Frw 6.2 billion) to support the National Employment Program. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 20th July 2017 YouthConnekt summit brings together 2,800 young Africans http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3170 The first YouthConnekt Africa Summit is bringing together some 2,800 youth from all over the continent to shape their future. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 20th July 2017 KCB Rwanda to make services more convenient through cashless drive http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3161 KCB Bank Rwanda Ltd targets to make its products and services more convenient and accessible to everyone through technology, as it aims to become the best bank in the market. Hope Magazine met with the bank’s CEO, Maurice Toroitich. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 19th July 2017 EATON helping to manage power efficiently, safely and sustainably http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3160 Electrical power is more than just a convenience; it’s an essential element of doing business today. To deliver the competitive advantage customers demand, global technology leader Eaton helps enterprises proactively measure and manage the power system as a strategic integrated asset through its lifecycle. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 19th July 2017 Sinotruk Sales & Services Centre, a truck experience like no other http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3159 Despite a booming construction sector and a transport sector in rapid expansion, finding a reliable supplier of heavy-duty trucks in Rwanda has for a long time been like looking for a needle in a haystack, whereas importing new or second-hand trucks from abroad is a risky venture since maintenance and spare parts might be in short supply. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 19th July 2017 TEDMER to export Made-in-Rwanda building materials to EAC and Europe http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3158 TEDMER Rwanda, a specialized trading company of architectural and building materials, is planning to start exporting its products to East Africa and even Europe. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 19th July 2017 ‘Let’s keep working together towards the same goal’ – Kagame in Ngororero http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3157 On the fifth day of the presidential election campaigns, the RPF Chairman, President Paul Kagame, went to Ngororero District in the Western Province and Muhanga in the Southern Province. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 19th July 2017 Trade negotiation training held in Kigali http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3156 To enhance capacity building in trade-related matters, Rwanda hosts a regional advanced Trade Negotiations Simulation Skills Course for English-speaking African countries from 17th to 21st July. - Hope Magazine Tuesday, 18th July 2017 All set for YouthConnekt Africa Summit on Wednesday http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3155 The first YouthConnekt Africa Summit will start on Wednesday, 19th July, in Kigali. - Hope Magazine Tuesday, 18th July 2017 Rwanda and World Bank sign $120m skills development agreement http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3154 The 3-year Priority Skills Program for Growth (PSG) project will focus on high priority economic sectors including energy, transport & logistics and manufacturing with a focus on Made-in-Rwanda products. - Hope Magazine Monday, 17th July 2017