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Copyright Hope Magazine en-us http://www.hope-mag.com//images/logos.jpg Hope Magazine http://www.hope-mag.com/ Special Feature BK – Innovation, technology to shape Bank of Kigali's next 50 years http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3257 Bank of Kigali, Rwanda’s largest lender by market share and profitability is pledging to drive the sector through building growth on a foundation of technology and innovation over the next fifty years. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Special Feature BK – Rwanda: growth through resilience, commitment and innovation http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3256 Rwanda’s current investment climate comes under the scrutiny of Bank of Kigali’s CEO, Dr Diane Ngendo Karusisi, who points out that foreign investors coming in is the fastest way for the country to grow its economy and realize its development ambitions. The head of the largest commercial bank in Rwanda also highlights the importance of supporting the nation’s SMEs, its relations with the US, and how the international community should view the country today. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Special Feature BK – FAQ on ‘Bigereho Na BK’ promotion http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3255 Tell us more about the Bigereho campaign; what is it all about? - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Special Feature BK – Bank of Kigali shines at Expo 2017 & Inter-Bank Games http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3254 Bank of Kigali has had an outstanding first half of September, winning big both at the Expo 2017 and at the first inter-bank games. On 6th September, at the closing ceremony of the 20th Rwanda International Trade Fair – or Expo 2017 as it is better known – Bank of Kigali was crowned the best overall exhibitor, beating RwandAir and Ameki Colour. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 How Business Partners International’s funding helps SMEs grow http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3253 Since 2011, Business Partners International (BPI), a Rwandan investment fund, has been providing a wide range of financing services to mostly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to boost their growth. BPI supports SME growth by providing financing, specialist sector knowledge and value-added services to viable SMEs, hence tackling one of their biggest challenges today, which is access to finance. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Grofin Success Story: Highland School’s founder shares his experience with other edupreneurs http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3252 Private education in Rwanda’s Bugesera District reaches new heights with Edward Munyaburanga’s efforts, supported by specialist SME financier GroFin. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 BRD gets European recognition for financing sustainable energy http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3251 The Rwanda Development Bank (BRD) has received a Certificate of Merit at the recently held Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards 2017 organised by the European Organisation for Sustainable Development (EOSD). The bank received the certificate specifically for its contribution to the ‘Bye Bye Agatadowa’ (Bye Bye Kerosene Lamps) program which seeks to promote off-grid, sustainable electrification. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Rwandan food becomes haute cuisine at Ubumwe Grande Hotel http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3250 As an increasing number of international high-end hotel chains have set up shop in Rwanda over the past decade, what was until recently notably absent was an authentic Rwandan competitor in this market. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 How KCB BANK is helping Rwandans to own their home http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3249 With a growing middle class in Rwanda, affordable housing is one of the big challenges. KCB Rwanda is on the frontline of tackling this issue, with its mortgage loan launched in 2011. Hope Magazine talked to Beatrice Chege, Head of mortgage financing at KCB Rwanda, to learn more about KCB’s efforts in helping Rwandans to own their own home. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Nakumatt Rwanda celebrates President Kagame’s re-election http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3248 Regional retailer Nakumatt Holdings, through Nakumatt Rwanda, is proud to join the people of Rwanda in the celebration of President Paul Kagame’s re-election. As private company, Nakumatt Rwanda has enjoyed immense support from Rwanda Government and its respective line agencies. The foreign investment support provided by the government has allowed us to maintain a steady growth since 2008, when we first opened the doors to Nakumatt UTC. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Karisimbi Business Partners, a unique mix of advisory services and implementation http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3247 When it comes to starting a business or improving an existing one, the best advice always comes from fellow entrepreneurs. That is exactly what Karisimbi Business Partners offers, founded nearly 10 years ago by three Americans with a rich past in creating and running businesses. Hope Magazine spoke to one of the founders, Dano Jukanovich. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Nyagatare residents get new life thanks to VisionFund Rwanda http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3246 When Julienne Manikuze’s husband died of cancer, life became very hard for the mother of three. Her meagre income from selling fruit and vegetables was barely enough to get food on the table. While she did get some income from selling food in her village of Kayange in Nyagatare district, it was not enough to maintain her family and also expand her business. Her children would miss terms because a she didn’t have enough money for school fees. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Central Bank optimistic about supportive monetary policy http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3245 The National Bank (BNR) has said it is ready to consider a more supportive monetary policy to encourage lending to the private sector to spur economic growth. - Hope Magazine Monday, 25th September 2017 Kagame addresses United Nations General Assembly http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3244 While addressing the 72nd Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, President Paul Kagame pointed out that while the UN is a relevant competent organization, it often does not meet expectations. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 21st September 2017 Laptops stolen from Kagarama Secondary School recovered http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3243 The police have recovered some laptops recently stolen from students of Kagarama Secondary School, in an operation following a complaint by the school administration about the theft of Positivo laptops from students. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 21st September 2017 Afreximbank in first Tunisian intervention, with €50m grant to Loukil Group http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3242 The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) has initiated its first intervention in Tunisia by offering a €50-million Euro global trade facility to Loukil Group. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 21st September 2017 Unique Digital Marketing Masterclass comes to Kigali http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3241 The Digital Marketing Masterclass by Markedu, a highly rated digital marketing and social media marketing training, is set to take place at the Convention Centre in Kigali on 5th October. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 20th September 2017 SDG Centre for Africa Board convenes in New York http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3240 The 5th Board Meeting of the SDG Centre for Africa convened in New York, co-chaired by President Paul Kagame and Nigerian businessman Ali Dankote. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 20th September 2017 Digital future a fragile mix of promise and uncertainty, says Global Internet Report http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3239 Entitled “Paths to our Digital Future,” the 2017 Global Internet Report examines the Internet over the next five to seven years and identifies the factors that will shape its future. The report uncovers a mix of challenges and opportunities in safeguarding the Internet for the next generation and makes recommendations on the steps that can be taken today to realize the Internet’s promise for everyone, everywhere. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 20th September 2017 Tigo launches Facebook and Whatsapp package SociaLIT http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3238 Tigo Rwanda has launched SociaLIT, a new pack that offers Tigo Rwanda customers an affordable way to access Whatsapp and Facebook. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 20th September 2017 Only two weeks to register for first Poultry Africa conference http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3237 Everything is ready for the start of Poultry Africa, the first Expo, Leadership Conference and Technical Seminars event for Sub-Saharan Africa’s poultry industry that will take place in Kigali on 4th and 5th October. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 20th September 2017 MTN Rwanda cancels service fee on Me2U http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3236 MTN Rwanda has cancelled the 10% service fee recently imposed on its Me2U service, effective 17th September 2017. - Hope Magazine Tuesday, 19th September 2017 Preparations for African airlines’ summit on track – RwandAir http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3235 RwandAir will play host to the 49th Annual General Assembly (AGA) and Summit of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) scheduled to take place in Kigali from 12th to the 14th November. - Hope Magazine Tuesday, 19th September 2017 Kagame co-chairs Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3234 President Paul Kagame on Sunday chaired the 14th Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development held at Yale Club in New York, US. - Hope Magazine Monday, 18th September 2017