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Copyright Hope Magazine en-us http://www.hope-mag.com//images/logos.jpg Hope Magazine http://www.hope-mag.com/ BK Techouse robotics camp ends with impressive demonstration http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3434 The BK Techouse robotics camp, in which some 40 secondary school students were trained on designing and programming robots for three weeks, has come an end with a grand finale on Saturday. - Hope Magazine Monday, 22nd January 2018 KCB Bank Rwanda shows appreciation for customers http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3433 KCB Bank Rwanda has launched a series of customer appreciation activities in the run-up to the celebration of 10 years of activities later this year. - Hope Magazine Saturday, 20th January 2018 How land husbandry technologies have driven up crop productivity http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3432 Comprehensive land husbandry technologies suitable for mountainous landscapes were introduced in the country seven years ago to curb down soil loss on the hillsides. - Hope Magazine Tuesday, 9th January 2018 Police seize over 4,000 bottles of illicit brew in Gatsibo http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3431 Police in Gatsibo District have intercepted a vehicle loaded with 4320 bottles of a locally made illicit brew called ‘Somawumve.’ The vehicle was intercepted at a roadblock in Nyagahanga. - Hope Magazine Tuesday, 9th January 2018 MTN and Vanu sign agreement to increase connectivity in rural areas http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3430 MTN and Vanu have announced the integration of the two networks which will extend MTN’s Network to Rwandans in rural areas, who are currently unconnected. - Hope Magazine Tuesday, 9th January 2018 Mininfra staff urged be patriotic to reach country’s big ambitions http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3429 During the end of year meeting at the ministry of infrastructure, management and staff reviewed the achievements of 2017 and pledged to do more in terms of infrastructure enhancement in the new year. - Hope Magazine Monday, 8th January 2018 Kagame named African of the Year by Leadership Magazine http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3428 President Paul Kagame has been named African of the Year 2017 by the African Leadership Magazine. - Hope Magazine Monday, 8th January 2018 Muslim youth in Ngororero told to be constructive and shun crime http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3427 Muslim youth in Ngororero District have been urged not to get involved in illegal activities and volunteer information on suspected criminals to security bodies for investigations, arrests, and prosecution. - Hope Magazine Monday, 8th January 2018 Editorial: Yegomoto, making the best use of ICT for innovation http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3426 In this age when tech companies come out with new gadgets virtually every day, or claim to introduce the latest life-changing innovation, it is easy to forget that really useful innovations actually respond to a need, or solve a problem. - Hope Magazine Friday, 5th January 2018 The Yegomoto Revolution – Vuga Yego! http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3425 Yego Innovision’s Yegomoto project aims to make Rwanda’s motorcycles more efficient while bringing transparency and fairness to the fares, for both the driver and passenger. - Hope Magazine Friday, 5th January 2018 BRD is blazing the trail in financing SMEs http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3424 One of the biggest challenges faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Rwanda, and in Africa in general, is access to finance. On the one hand, company owners often fail to prepare a convincing business plan to present to a bank, but on the other hand, financial institutions tend to shy away from SMEs which they consider high risk. - Hope Magazine Friday, 5th January 2018 Bralirwa inaugurates solar kits given to 283 Kayonza families http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3423 Leading beverages manufacturer Bralirwa, has officially inaugurated solar kits provided to 283 vulnerable families who live around Bralirwa’s co-owned Bramin farm in Kayonza District in the Eastern Province. - Hope Magazine Friday, 5th January 2018 BPR’s MD looks to digital transformation for banking http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3422 As Maurice Toroitich settles in his new job as managing director of Bank Populaire du Rwanda Ltd (BPR), part of Atlas Mara, he tells hope magazine he hopes to create a winning spirit that will be anchored in professionalism. - Hope Magazine Friday, 5th January 2018 Transunion introduces mobile phone solution to know your own credit health http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3421 Transunion Rwanda has introduced a mobile solution Menyesha to give people easier access about their credit status. Transunion’s country manager, Aimable Nkuranga, talked to hope magazine about the Transunion Menyesha app and the organisation’s operations. - Hope Magazine Friday, 5th January 2018 Engen Quicklube, all your car needs served with convenience http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3420 Leading fuel marketer Engen Rwanda introduced the Engen Quicklube at all its stations across the country last month, offering customers a variety of car services at their convenience. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 4th January 2018 KPA tips media on coverage of Mombasa Port developments http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3419 The Kenya Port Authority (KPA) took some days off this month to tip journalists from East and Central African countries whose traders frequently use Mombasa Port – Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and the DR Congo – on its activities. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 4th January 2018 Need a reliable and powerful truck? Fuso is the way to go http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3418 When it comes to trucks, whether heavy-duty or light-duty, what matters is reliability. You don’t want a truck that breaks down when it’s fully loaded, or one that starts having issues only a year after you bought it. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 4th January 2018 Tedmer: Making doors in Rwanda for export to EAC and Europe http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3417 TEDMER Rwanda, a specialized trading company of architectural and building materials, is planning to start exporting its products to East Africa and even Europe. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 4th January 2018 BK Techouse organises first robotics camp for youth http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3415 BK Techouse in partnership with ICT company Makers Academy on Wednesday launched the first Robotics Camp Rwanda. The camp, which will run for three weeks at Lycée de Kigali in Kiyovu, is attended by 22 girls and 18 boys aged 14 to 17 years, who were selected as top performers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) in schools around the country. - Hope Magazine Thursday, 4th January 2018 Kigali International Community School http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=6&a=3414 KICS is a Christ-centered, U.S. accredited non-profit school that offers children of all nationalities and religions an education similar to that offered by schools in the USA. KICS is a fully accredited member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), and is endorsed by the Rwandan Ministry of Education as a sound educational institution. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 3rd January 2018 First six winners of ‘Nezerwa Na Mobisol’ promo receive prizes http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3416 Solar energy company Mobisol has given out the prizes to the first six winners of its ‘Nezerwa Na Mobisol’ promotion. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 3rd January 2018 Radisson Blu celebrates Christmas with disadvantaged women and children http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3413 On Boxing Day, Radisson Blu Hotel and Convention Centre celebrated Christmas with about 120 disadvantaged women and children in a day filled with activities that included a tour of the Convention Centre and a copious meal at the hotel’s Larder Restaurant. - Hope Magazine Wednesday, 27th December 2017 Government and World Bank sign $80 million social protection agreement http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3411 The government and the World Bank have signed an $80 million financing agreement to support Rwanda’s social protection system, notably the Vision 2020 Umurenge Program (VUP). - Hope Magazine Saturday, 23rd December 2017 Kigali Serena celebrates Christmas with children with disabilities http://www.hope-mag.com//index.php?com=news&option=read&ca=1&a=3410 Staff of Kigali Serena Hotel has celebrated Christmas with children from the Heroes Day Care Centre through its annual ‘Light Up A Life’ initiative. - Hope Magazine Friday, 22nd December 2017