Yegomoto celebrates festive season with drivers and orphans

Yegomoto staff at the Kwa Gisimba orphanage.

To end the year in which it launched its operations on a good note, Yegomoto staff spent some time during the festive season with its taxi-moto drivers and with children at the Kwa Gisimba orphanage in Nyamirambo.

1516796804CEO Karanvir Singh addresses the Yegomoto riders
CEO Karanvir Singh addresses the Yegomoto riders.

Yego Innovision, which launched its Yegomoto project in September, aims to make Rwanda’s motorcycle-taxi sector more efficient while bringing transparency and fairness to the fares, for both the driver and passenger.

Mahesh Kumar, the director of Yego Innovision, noted that the purpose of the successive get-togethers with was to share a lunch with the motorcyclists and the orphans to explore ways they can be of more benefit to the communities they work in.

“We want to celebrate with our Yegomoto drivers to thank them for choosing to work with us and give them a roadmap of what we want to achieve next year. We look forward to 2018 when we will be introducing the tap-and-pay and merchant business,” he explained. Yegomoto equips the bikes with a Yegomoto meter, which, through GPS tracking, calculates the fare based on distance travelled and time taken while helping drivers navigate.

1516796897Yegomoto staff with riders at Nyamirambo stadium
Yegomoto staff with riders at Nyamirambo stadium.

By early December, some 700 drivers had been verified and trained by Yego on how to use the meter, road safety, soft skills and etiquette, amongst other things. In just 3 months, Yegomoto drivers have covered 1,793,693 kilometres and completed 368,102 metered trips.

Yegomoto expects to have outfitted all 15,000 taxi-motos in Kigali by July 2018, and will then move to cover the rest of Rwanda. The company provides drivers not just with meters, but also with new helmets and a charger for the meter that can also charge the passenger’s phone. To ensure the smooth functioning of the system, the company maintains the meters, provides SIM cards for the meters and pays for the data bundles.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 24th January 2018


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