Need a reliable and powerful truck? Fuso is the way to go

The Fuso FJ-2528C Tipper 6X4.

When it comes to trucks, whether heavy-duty or light-duty, what matters is reliability. You don’t want a truck that breaks down when it’s fully loaded, or one that starts having issues only a year after you bought it.

With FUSO trucks, reliability is what you get – as you get from Akagera Motors, part of Akagera Business Group, which is the exclusive distributor of FUSO trucks in Rwanda.

In the heavy-duty category, there is the Fuso FJ-2528C Tipper 6X4 (FJX3WK2LK8A). It has a tough, durable chassis and suspension that allow heavier loads – the ‘25’ refers to the truck’s gross vehicle mass (GVM), which is 25 tonnes, while its kerb weight is 8 tonnes, meaning it can take 17 tonnes of payload. That is borne by a front axle with a capacity of 6 tonnes and a rear axle (first + second) of 19 tonnes.

1515070412Fuso FJ-25 Tipper (1b)
A rear view of the Fuso FJ-25 Tipper.

The 6X4 refers to the wheels, with one single-tire set in front and two dual-tire sets at the rear. The wheelbase measures 4.95 meters, while the trucks overall length is 7.16 meters.

The FUSO FJ-2528C comes with a versatile, high-performance diesel engine that is more fuel-efficient; it has 4 inline cylinders, with water-cooled direct injection and a maximum output of 205 KW. The ‘28’ refers to the truck’s horsepower (HP), which is 280 HP. With a 9-speed manual transmission, the truck reaches a maximum speed of 90 KM/H. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 255 liters.

While the FUSO FJ-2528C comes as a tipper, Akagera Motors can also transform it into a mixer.

In the light-duty category, there is the Fuso Canter 4X2 (FE84CE6L), which is a light-duty truck that can easily be modified to suit any business purpose. While it comes standard as a flatbed truck with rails, it can also have a fully enclosed cargo area, a cage (as used by beverage companies transporting crates) or a tank for liquids – all of which can be installed by Akagera Motors.

1515070435Fuso Canter (2b)
The light-duty Fuso Canter.

With a wheelbase of 3.35 meters and an overall length of 6.03 meters, the Canter has a payload of 4.295 tonnes and a maximum gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 6.5 tonnes. It comes with a 4-cylinder diesel engine, and 6-gear manual transmission and a 100-liter fuel tank. It can reach a maximum speed of 110 KM/H.

As it’s a truck that is designed for transport of goods that will need to be on and off-loaded, the two passenger seats (in addition to the driver’s seat) are standard.

For both types of Fuso trucks, Akagera Motors has all spare parts available and can do all repairs in its workshop. The trucks come with a warranty of 2 years or 100,000 KM. And even better, they offer free servicing for the first 2,500 KMs.

The Fuso FJ-2528C Tipper 6X4 is available at Akagera Motors for Rwf 63,000,000 (inclusive VAT), and the Fuso Canter at Rwf 35,000,000 (inclusive VAT).


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  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 4th January 2018


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