Tedmer: Making doors in Rwanda for export to EAC and Europe

TEDMER Rwanda, a specialized trading company of architectural and building materials, is planning to start exporting its products to East Africa and even Europe.

Set up in 2015, Tedmer Rwanda is a daughter of Tedmer International Trade Company Ltd in Turkey. It supplies mainly construction materials and agricultural equipment. Initially, the company imported materials made by some 25 top manufacturers in Turkey to showcase them and boost the construction sector in Rwanda.

“After one year of showcasing, we decided that the products should be manufactured here,” explains Kadir Gök, General Manager of TEDMER Rwanda.

“We wanted to compete with the Chinese material which is very cheap, and bringing everything from Turkey would be very costly.

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But Tedmer Rwanda is already thinking big and wants to go beyond the country’s borders.

To prepare the ground, the company will be participating in trade shows across the East African region to promote its Made-in-Rwanda products.

“The plan is that after we move to the Special Economic Zone next year, we can start exporting to Burundi, the DR Congo and Uganda,” Gök explains. “Afterwards, we can also target Europe.”

World-class Turkish companies

Tedmer Rwanda currently operates all around East Africa, mainly in Rwanda and Tanzania, as an exclusive distributor for world-class Turkish companies. It also manufactures pressed doors locally. The company’s objective is to be a main solution partner and a supply centre for the construction and agriculture sectors, supplying all East African countries with quality products at optimum prices and high stock availability.

Its construction materials range includes iron and steel wire; PVC and aluminum doors, windows and partitions; press doors; glass, gypsum, plaster boards; ceramic tiles and other bath and toilet materials; interior decoration materials; solar heaters; mechanical and electrical hand tools; cutting and grinding discs; isolation mastics; paint brushes; electric cables and other materials.

Tedmer also deals in agricultural equipment such us, tractors, cultivators, power tillers, motor pumps, and garden equipment

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 4th January 2018


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