First phase of Vision City to be completed by December 2017

The first phase boasts 504 spectacular homes marked by chic, urban aesthetics and exquisite attention to detail.

The first phase of the Vision City project will be completed by December this year, Eng. Alain Abimana, Ag. CEO at Ultimate Developers Limited (UDL), has told Hope Magazine.

Vision City is the biggest residential housing project in Rwanda to date and the flagship in UDL’s portfolio. It will be built in four phases, comprising a total of 4,500 units in different categories ranging from luxury villas to apartments.

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Eng. Alain Abimana, acting CEO of UDL.

The first phase is approaching completion and boasts 504 spectacular homes marked by chic, urban aesthetics and exquisite attention to detail.

Abimana noted that the take-up of the properties has been good so far with 110 units already bought, mostly by Rwandans.

“Vision City will be about much more than just the houses; it is conceived as a fully self-sustaining neighborhood with all amenities such as first-rate asphalt roads and pedestrian walk ways, secure parking, street lamps, a pre-installed fiber optic network and safe public spaces that are ideal for children and communal activities such as wedding ceremonies and birthday parties,” he explained.

He noted that the first phase of the project was nearing completion as the final touches are being made to the houses.

“Most of what remains to be sold are the apartments which we plan to market aggressively to Rwandans. Apartments are taken as a new concept in Rwanda as many people conventionally prefer stand-alone houses, but with the rising population density and high maintenance costs of such houses, apartments are the way to go,” he explained.

While there have been some questions with regards to the prices, Eng. Abimana said affordability is relative and always depends if the cost of rent is a third of one’s salary. He also pointed out that UDL is in talks with banks to offer mortgage facilities for buyers of the houses in Vision City.

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About Ultimate Developers Limited

In six short years since its inception in 2011, Ultimate Developers Ltd (UDL) has established itself as a market leader in Rwanda’s real estate industry. UDL was founded on the simple notion that a single developer with grand ambitions, a clear vision and a well coordinated strategy can change the trajectory of an industry and the market’s belief of what is possible.

We do this by providing unique, customized solutions to our clients’ real estate needs, and rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our projects are the brainchild of top professionals dedicated to creating distinctive solutions to our clients’ desire for well-planned, modern residential and commercial real estate. Ultimately, we hope to change the face of real estate in Rwanda by making innovative use of the country’s limited land resource

UDL’s reputation for innovation, integrity, quality and timely delivery on projects is testament to our highly competent team and positions us as the favored partner with clients, lenders, architects, engineers and several other stakeholders.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 1st December 2017


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