ABG presents: the Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 4MATIC – Luxurious, high-tech and raw power

If you are someone who enjoys the occasional sporty car adventure, but you also need a vehicle that can transport your family in all comfort, then Akagera Motors – division of Akagera Business Group (ABG) and exclusive distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Rwanda – has just the treat for you: the Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 4MATIC (with AMG kit).

The GLC 250 4MATIC is Mercedes-Benz bid for the crossover market, which are essentially vehicles built on a sedan platform but with the high-performance features of a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

“It gives you the feeling of a sports car, but also the functionality and utility of an SUV,” says Roopak Gorajia, Marketing Director at ABG.

But while ‘SUV’ might evoke rather large and not aesthetically pleasing, the GLC 250 4MATIC doesn’t compensate on looks or sophistication.

“Curvaceous styling, active and passive safety, refinement and 4x4 capability are the reasons why Mercedes-Benz is certain you will opt for the GLC 250 4MATIC,” reads the review on the specialised website autocar.co.uk.

Both the GLC 250 4MATIC interior and exterior are designed with the AMG line, which is Mercedes-Benz performance package of styling and options. This results in a gorgeous exterior, which will make heads turn, as well as a luxurious interior, that feature Mercedes-Benz glossy fusion of metallic trim and vinyl upholstery, including a panoramic roof. As it is styled as a family car, it comes as standard with most of the essential infotainment items.

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This brings us to the high-tech part, which as can be expected with Mercedes-Benz is top-notch. To name but a few: keyless entry and start, mirrors that automatically retract on exit, intelligent LED headlights, 360° camera for manoeuvring assistance, rain-sensing wipers, and a touchpad command console that allows you to adjust the cars behaviour to the road conditions.

Yet, all this beauty and sophistication does not mean you do not have a powerhouse in your hands. The GLC 250 4MATIC available at Akagera Motors has a petrol engine, with four inline cylinders, which gives an acceleration from 0 to 100 KM/H in 7.3 seconds.

Four-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic gearbox are standard, although manual gearshift is also available, operated by levers on the steering wheel. For that off-road adventure, occasional pothole or speed bump, the GLC 250 4MATIC can easily handle it with a standard ground clearance of 181 MM, in off-road mode an extra 20 MM, improved clearance angles and an under-body guard.

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The Mercedes- Benz GLC 250 4MATIC is available at Akagera Motors in dark grey exterior with black interior for €47,790 duty-free / ex-magerwa. It comes with a warranty of 2 years or 100,000 KMs.

More info via sales@abgafrica.com / +250 781 466 886 / +250 788 447 630 / www.abgafrica.com

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 1st December 2017


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