Editorial: Taxpayer recognition should induce even more compliance

Premier Ngirente (R) hands over an award to I&M Bank Rwanda's Managing Director, Robin Bairstow (L) during the Taxpayers' Day.

The government of Rwanda has always striven towards crafting, drafting and implementing policies and strategies that drive the economy into a direction that ensures ascendance towards self-reliance and sustainable improvement of livelihoods for all Rwandans.

The taxation policy in Rwanda: fair, affordable and equitable, is one such of the many policies that have been instrumental in taking the country towards being a self-reliant nation. The contribution of locally generated taxes towards the financing of national budget has been taking to a rising scale.

Such an impact has been realised because of the efforts expended towards enlarging the taxable base through a number of acts that include: systematic attraction of investors, improving the Doing Business environment, supporting SMEs from being informal to formal active business entities and creating a sense of ownership among taxpayers.

When Rwanda Revenue Authority sets aside a period of time to celebrate its customers, the taxpayers, they are making a statement of recognition, deepening the sense of ownership that stimulates compliance and build better relations for better collections. It is imperative therefore to accentuate, every now and then, the issue of compliance, reminding ourselves that we are all partners in national development, building the Rwanda we want and capable of contributing to our timehonoured dignity as a country, as a people.

RRA has played its role in setting up structures, elaborating processes, simplifying procedures and building friendly tax-payment regimes that we should respect, comply with and become deserving partners of our own growth and national development.


Daniel Rebero


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  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 31st October 2017


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