Special Feature BK – FAQ on ‘Bigereho Na BK’ promotion

Bank of Kigali launched the Bigereho promotion at the Expo 2017.

Tell us more about the Bigereho campaign; what is it all about?

Bigereho means achieve. We want our customers to achieve their financial aspirations through Bank of Kigali. Bigereho is also about the success of Bank of Kigali as a brand. This year 2017 marks 50 years since we started offering banking services to Rwandans in 1967. Today, we are Rwanda’s most successful bank in the country, the largest tax payer and also enjoy the biggest market share. This means that as a brand, we are stable and reliable for customers to trust us with their finances.

Through Bigereho, we are telling everybody, even those in the informal sector, that he/she can work with Bank of Kigali. You don’t need to have a regular salary to open an account and whatever you earn from your daily work can be deposited (if you sell milk, if you are a mechanic, If you are a freelance photographer, etc.). We are telling people, especially these who are in savings group (Ibimina), that you can save with Bank of Kigali, get interest and keep your money safe. We are telling parents that they can plan for their children by opening a Kid’s savings account.

BK’s offer on this type of account is the best in the market where you get 8% interest annually. We want to celebrate with our existing customers and new ones who want to join Bank of Kigali’s 50th anniversary to come today and participate in our BIGEREHO tombola where amazing prizes will be given out, including a MITSUBISHI FUSO CANTER worth 38,000,000 Frw.

What does one need to do to win?

- Open a current account or reactivate one you used to have and deposit at least 10,000 Frw, Open a savings account, deposit at least 50,000 Frw and keep adding a little money on it every month (5,000 Frw; 10,000 Frw),

- Open a kid’s saving account for your kid and give a standing order of at least 10,000 Frw every month

Is this only for new customers? How can existing customers win prizes also?

No, even existing customers are considered and this is how: If you have a current account with us, just open a saving account and deposit 50,000 Frw. If you have a current account and a saving account, open a kid’s saving account with a minimum standing order of 10,000 Frw per month or add that amount on your savings account

When and how do you win?

We have prizes to win instantly such as t-shirts, caps, umbrellas and sport bags which you can win just opening, reactivating any of the mentioned accounts or deposit on an existing one, We have prizes to win monthly for any customer who:

- Opened or reactivated a current account and has a minimum balance of 10,000 Frw on the 1st day of the following month

- Opened a saving account and didn’t go below a balance of 50,000 Frw. For them to win next month, they will be required to add a little on their accounts,

- Opened Kid’s saving account and the standing order has been executed.

We have the big prize MITSUBISHI FUSO Canter to be won at the end of the promotion by anyone who fulfilled the conditions in point 2 for all the period since he/she joined the promotion

Until when will the Tombola run?

It runs from 25th August till 23rd December 2017.

Where can I open any of these accounts?

- At any of our multiple branches - During roadshows; we will communicate the calendar

How do I contact Bank of Kigali to learn more about Bigereho Na BK Campaign?

We love feedback and our customers can contact us through any of the following feedback channels.


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  • Posted 25th September 2017


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