Editorial: Victory belongs to Rwandans

The Journey that Rwandans started, a journey of determining our destiny and choosing people that will lead us there continues to gain momentum without allowing any iota of force, external and otherwise, to divert us. Even the razor-laced criticisms, have united Rwandans more, opened our eyes better, and have decided to speak with a voice that is so eloquent and loud, carrying a message of building the Rwanda we want.

This voice, with all humility, was aired in the 4th August presidential elections where a humbling 98% voted in President Paul Kagame to keep steering Rwanda to greater heights.

Other political parties, peasants, civil servants, private sector , and many other categories, all added to the strength of that voice through different acts of valor.

Kagame’s participation in the 2017 presidential elections was an answer to a people’s call because with an undivided sense of direction we know our history, not as scholars and self-appointed pundits, but as people who witnessed its unfolding, changed its course and now rewriting new chapters through those salient actions that will deliver us to Rwanda we want.

During the campaigning process, President Kagame raised a number of salient questions among which were; How can you tell me how to live when it is you I fought to regain my livelihood? What RPF has fought for, lost people for, we cannot let it go to waste. Do not accept to be dictated to with useless lessons. Let us continue to stand up for our dignity, our livelihood, our country.” Another interesting question that the RPF candidate put across was; “How can you teach us democracy when you are contesting your own?”

Such and many quips are therefore good answers to diplomats and members of the international community that were ‘disturbed’ and ‘concerned’ by their own ill-conceived political sentiments.

So, Kagame’s statement immediately after initial results on 4th August indicated his landslide victory was a good response that bespeaks of ingenuity and RPF’s commitment to Rwanda and Rwandans. He said thus:  “I am here because I honored your wishes as the Rwandan people; today is proof that this election was truly the will of the people. Despite the critics of our democracy, you have proven that Rwandans know what they want. Now the work begins, to continue transforming Rwanda and ensuring a dignified life for every citizen.” Congratulations H.E President-Elect Paul Kagame.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 31st August 2017


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