Food & Go, the tasty healthy nutrition complement to Waka Fitness

While most people associate a fitness club with exercise, at Waka Fitness they always stress that it is all about a healthy lifestyle, one of the pillars of which is healthy nutrition. The launch of the Food & Go healthy fast-food service – a collaboration with catering company Food & Stuff – is testimony to this philosophy.

Hope Magazine sat down with Debby Leatt, one of the founders of Food & Stuff, to talk about what Food & Go is all about.


What is Food & Go? What is the idea behind it and what services do you offer?

Food & Go is focused on providing fast, healthy, and nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for people on the go. It developed out of my company Food & Stuff, which provides bespoke catering for private and corporate events. Food & Go provides a range of healthy options such as smoothies, salads, soups and healthy snacks. Some of our top sellers are the detox smoothie, superfood salad, and homemade granola bars. Everything is natural, with no added sugar.

1504107326Debby Leatt and Food & Go staff show some of their products
Debby Leatt and Food & Go staff show some of their products.

What is healthy food and why is important, Is it for everyone or only for people that could benefit from losing a few pounds?

We’ve teamed up with Jeanetta and Dennis at Waka Fitness because they’re as passionate about healthy living as we are. We want to work together to make healthy eating and active living accessible to everybody in Kigali. Healthy living doesn’t have to be about restrictions and discipline – it can be fun and delicious if the right options are available.


What is the need in the market that you see as a business possibility?

We noticed that there just aren’t enough fast and healthy options in Kigali. People are busy with work, families, and staying active, and the cost of imported goods makes it really hard to consistently eat healthily.

Food & Go is our attempt to use Rwanda’s amazing fresh produce to fill that gap.


How does Food & Go distinguish itself from other restaurants that claim that they serve healthy food?

We try to pack as many nutrients and food groups into our products as we can to make every calorie count. For example, our Superfood Salad packs in veggies, complex carbs and proteins such as with quinoa. Quinoa is a complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids your body needs, that’s great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike – it’s a superfood that’s hard to find in restaurants around in Kigali.

1504107398Food & Go (2)

How do you make sure to keep a high standard of your products, such as freshness, hygiene, quality control, etc. Isn’t it a challenge keeping a high standard in this market?

My passion is food. I have been a chef for over 15 years in the UK, South Africa, and now Rwanda. My aim is to maintain the highest quality in all of our food and instil that in the chefs I train.

We strictly follow HACCP’s (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) international food safety guidelines and our staff is regularly trained to meet these standards.


How can people get Food & Go’s products?

Apart from the shop at Waka Fitness, people can order via phone or SMS on 0785-825-792 between 9am and 3pm, and we will deliver. We do have minimum order of Rwf 10,000 per delivery though.

We have a menu that changes weekly which will be uploaded on our Food & Go website soon with all the details.

1504107419Food & Go logo


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  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 30th August 2017


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