RRA: Taking a modern approach to tax administration

Taxpayers queue on peak day: E-solutions have made this a thing of the past.

The automation of tax processes embarked on by RRA five years ago has delivered exciting results. It has improved efforts aimed at closing tax outages, ease payment of tax and identify challenges to tax compliance by providing reliable information in real time.

The solutions include, among others, e-filing and e-payment, EBM use, M-Declaration and the Electronic Single Window.

“We are trying to increase the ease of doing business with RRA by providing more convenient solutions for the taxpayer,” says Jean Louis Kaliningabo, the IT Strategic Advisor to the Commissioner General at RRA.

“The use of IT is driving the way RRA thinks about its service delivery and internal processes. The overarching aim is to leverage ICT to push up compliance by increasing the ease of doing business with RRA.”

Richard Tusabe

RRA Commissioner General

These smart interventions have led to positive outcomes both for RRA and its clients, including:

• Improved tax compliance as a result of enhanced ease of paying tax and closing of leakages by e-solutions. Tax revenue capabilities have improved tremendously over the years, from 62.45 bn Rwf in 1999 to 1,086.9 bn Rwf in FY 2016/17, representing 35.9% and 55.6% of the national budget respectively.

• Reduced e-filing time from 3 days in the past to a matter of minutes today.

• No queues of clients at RRA on peak tax days. RRA no longer needs to divert staff to attend to peak traffic.

RRA’s future IT plans are aimed at improving ease of doing business with RRA, enhancing Cyber Security and utilising data analytics to aid understanding of taxpayer behaviour.




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  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 30th August 2017


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