Wines & More hosts a tasting event to promote delicious wines!

Gil Cheviron pours in a glass chilled white wine during the wine tasting event.

To make wine lovers more familiar with the wide range of excellent wines offered, Wines & More, which is part of Akagera Business Group, hosted a tasting event last month in Kiyovu for a select group of invitees.

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ABG's Wines and More sells some of the world's best wines at affordable prices.

Gil Cheviron, the Africa Sales and Marketing Manager for Incodeal, a wine and liquors importing firm, which also supplies Wines & More, took the guests through about 15 exquisite red and white wines mainly from France, Chile, Italy and California in the USA.

Cheviron noted that it is easy to tell the origins of a wine depending on its taste. “Different factors of where a wine is made impact on the taste. For example, the temperature strongly influences the taste of the wine; those made in drier climates are smoother in taste, while the opposite is true for wines from colder areas such as France,” he explained to the guests.

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Cheviron explains what influences the taste of different wines.

Cheviron added that most French wines have a woody taste, while others keep more of the taste of the fruit berries used to make them. “It depends on where your preference lies. The French like their wine woody in taste, so they keep them in wooden barrels for a longer time,” he explained.

All these details and more he shared with the guests, who obviously sampled these delicious wines, which are all available at affordable prices at Wines & More in Kacyiru, Kigali. From the light and easy-to-drink wines to the round and strong ones, the wholesale prices at Wines & More are between Rwf 7,600 and Rwf 12,980 VAT inclusive.

Wines & More: KG 543 ST Kacyiru, Kigali – 0783782434 –



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  • By Wines & More
  • Posted 6th April 2017


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