Architectural marvel set to redefine Kigaliís landscape

An architectural impression of Century Park.

The architectural marvels and the designs are inviting to the eye and when you respond, they will not disappoint given the comfort you are bound to get. The red-carpet services in store and the overall feel of royalty do give great satisfaction. That is what awaits you.

Welcome to Century Park Hotels and Residences in Nyarutarama, Gasabo District in Kigali, in a pristine location, covering an area of 9.6 Hectares.

The Century Park Development consists of 16 luxury villas, 15 blocks of Royal apartments, an entertainment area with a high-end Lounge”Chillax”and an authentic Chinese restaurant “Tung”. The project will also feature a Luxurious 58 rooms Boutique Hotel with first class health club facilities, with a gym, swimming pool and jogging track.

Last but not least the 200-room Sheraton Hotel!

Located just 20 minutes from the Central Business District, 15 minutes from Kigali International Airport and 5 minutes from the Kigali Convention Centre, the location is as convenient as it is immaculate. With the aim of achieving a melange of architectural beauty and environmental conservation, the project’s design includes a remarkable park for residents’ leisure.

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Century Park Apartments

The apartment buildings will form a residential cocoon nestled in one of Kigali’s greenest areas and are neighboured by a lake and the Kigali Golf Club.

The apartments at Century Park will range in size and a variety of units will be available, ensuring there is something in store for everyone.

The 2-bedroom apartments will come in 2 different variations, both equally lavish boasting 105sqms of living space in each unit.

The picturesque 3-bedroom apartments boast a total living space of 138sqms and feature balconies of over 5sqms. The 3-bedroom apartments are some of the largest and most scenic units on offer.

The 4 and 5-bedroom Penthouses apartments range from 210-243sqms with breathtaking views. These units will be offered in three variations and will be the largest units available.

Residents of the apartments at Century Park will have access to the Boutique Hotel facilities as well as the community park.

Century Park Villas.

The Villas at Century Park will redefine luxury as you know it!

These remarkable homes are truly one-of- a-kind, with ceiling heights reaching 19 feet allowing for a superb natural interior lighting. The family oriented homes feature a cozy family room with an indoor bar on the ground floor overlooking a large lush garden.

The design includes a modern kitchen with beautifully crafted countertops and a large walk-in pantry. Inside the 3 storey residence, you get to choose between 5 or 6 bedrooms, all en-suite and each room boasting its own balcony.

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The exclusivity and quality of these homes makes them a definite choice for individuals who value privacy and security.

Century Park Entertainment

The L-shaped building maximized the view towards the wetland.

The upper floor is mainly for meetings and the exclusive, Kigali’s best lounge, “Chillax”.

The Open lower ground level allows a panoramic view of the wetland and offers the most direct contact with nature. It is also the home to the authentic Chinese Restaurant in Kigali, “Tung”.

The building has an expansive garden ideal for large parties or functions. The restaurant also features meetings and private dining rooms for 8 to 62 persons. In the garden “Chillax” operates an outdoor Gourmet Grill.

This entertainment area is in a Prime location with an extremely modern architectural style has hosted some of the best corporate and social events for example the Cartier launch, CNBC/ Ericsson Delegates party, The President Paul Kagame’s Birthday Celebration, Celebrity weddings and Concerts etc.

Century Park – The Boutique Hotel

The U-shaped building offers a serene place to gather.

The Hotel offers 58 rooms, a family oriented restaurant, a swimming pool, health club facilities and extensive meeting facilities as well as private dining rooms.

Century Park – The 5-Star Sheraton Hotel

The 5 Star Sheraton Hotel will be ideal for high-end guests with short to medium term stays.

The hotel will feature 200 state of the art rooms, Restaurants, conference rooms, Swimming Pool and Health and fitness facilities


Q&A with Andrew Ow, the Century Park Project Director

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  Andrew Ow, the Century Park Project Director.

QN: Can you please explain the Century Park Project to our readers?

Ow: Our focus is to develop a project that is self-contained, and of a type that we have rarely seen in East Africa but which are common in cities such as Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries.

We are developing some mixed-use facilities that will range from commercial, hospitality & residential. The commercial facilities comprise of a club house with an Oriental Restaurant and a lounge. A Boutique Hotel with a Theme Restaurant, banquet facilities, pool and health club. A 5 star Sheraton hotel. The residential facilities will have 2 to 3 bedroom apartments, penthouse and 5 Bedroom Villas.

This will all be implemented in three phases. We target to complete the first phase of the project this year which includes four Villas, three blocks of apartments and a Theme restaurant.

We will also target to complete by early 2018, the Boutique hotel which will have over 50 guestrooms.

QN: What is the main reason for putting up the boutique hotel?

Ow: In our experience, boutique hotels have been better embraced by their neighborhoods than their branded counterparts. They tend to blend in with the community, offer high quality dining and increase local real estate’s value. While the Sheraton Hotel will only be developed in the third phase of the Century Park project, the Boutique hotel will in the meantime help bridge the needs for esteemed travelers to Kigali.

QN: In total, how many villas and apartments are you putting up?

Ow: This will comprise 15 Blocks of apartments, 13 Villas and 3 Super Luxurious Villas. We expect the first buyers /tenants of the apartments to occupy their property by early spring next year.

QN: How unique is this compared to other real-estate projects in Kigali?

Ow: Our Philosophy is to develop a product that is mid-to-high range and we like to target Rwandans to offer them facilities that are affordable and create value. 

Even though it will be luxurious, it does not interpret that they will be very expensive. The difference derives from the design, color schemes and building materials utilized. 

The apartments and villas will target two different markets, but the former will also be fitted with necessities such as quality vanity counter in the bathrooms, closets and customized designed kitchen cabinets.

The prospective buyer can also select & purchase various furniture packages on offer to match their lifestyle and budget for their apartment & villa.

QN: What other recreational amenities will you have in the area apart from the hotels and restaurants?

Ow: We shall have provided in our landscape planning sufficient space to cater for children’s play areas, social & exercise zones as well as jogging track near the apartment blocks. There will be abundant abundance of lush greenery and the orientation of each apartment is designed to face the Wet land park which will be developed by the local government.


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  • Posted 4th April 2017


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