With third outlet, Hotpoint’s excellent after-sales service is now easily available

The new Hotpoint outlet at Kigali Heights.

Hotpoint Appliances Ltd, a leading distributor of the latest electronics and appliances launched globally, has strengthened its presence in Kigali with the opening of its third state-of-the-art retail outlet in Kigali Heights, in addition to its existing stores in Remera and near Sopetrad, as well as an extensive dealer network.

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Keval Kanani, Director of Hotpoint Appliances Ltd.

It’s an important milestone for the company which in Kenya, under its Director Keval Kanani, has managed to develop a strong presence in the electronics market.

And when Hotpoint entered the Rwandan market in 2008 (although it became fully operational in 2010), it also was quite a game-changer. As the Country Head of Hotpoint Rwanda, Manoj Skariah, points out, before that buying home appliances and electronics was a bit of a gamble.

“Most retailers don’t offer warranty, or if they do, they often fail to get the spare parts when a repair is needed. So before Hotpoint came in, when you bought electronics and there was a fault, you had to throw it away,” he remarks.

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The Country Head of Hotpoint Rwanda, Manoj Skariah, with a guest at the opening of the new Hotpoint shop.

What Hotpoint brought into the mix was excellent after-sales service. “We actually started the warranty system, which adds value to the market,” Skariah says. “We also offer 24/7 services, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. And if there is a problem after your warranty has expired, we guarantee that we can find the spare parts and fix it – so you won’t have to buy a new one.”

Hotpoint sells a wide range of home appliances and electronics (from TVs and sound systems over kitchen appliances to air conditioning) from the renowned Korean brand LG, its own brand Von and since recently also Black+Decker (mainly kitchen appliances), of which it is the exclusive distributor. Yet what makes Hotpoint particularly stand out is that it excels in all aspects of customer service.

“The staff in our retail outlets is highly trained so that they can give detailed explanations on any of the products we sell,” Sakriah observes. “And we offer free delivery and installation of the appliances.”

That exceptional service is also available in its new store in Kigali Heights, which occupies an area of almost 1,000 square feet, and which is open seven days a week, including on public holidays, for the convenience of customers.

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Hotpoint prides itself on having the latest appliances on offer as soon as they come out.

“We are glad to be part of the popular Kigali Heights, comprising of an ideal tenant mix and located very centrally,” Skariah says. “We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and personalising solutions to meet the customers’ needs and budgets.”

And if you’re a salaried employee, or can show you have a regular income, Hotpoint can even accept that you pay in instalments, the Rwanda Country Head adds.

So if you want your next electronics purchase to be a carefree experience rather than a gamble, Hotpoint is the place to go.


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  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 4th April 2017


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