The Engen ATF III Semi-Synthetic: A Multipurpose Automatic Transmission Fluid

The Engen ATF III is a semi-synthetic, high performance, multipurpose automatic transmission fluid (ATF) which exceeds General Motors Dexron III-G and Ford Mercon long-drain performance requirements.

It provides outstanding performance in automatic transmissions and power steering units where General Motors Dexron III-G and the older Dexron III-F, II-E or II-D fluids are specified.

Special base stocks in combination with a modern additive technology provides its constant friction characteristics, wide operating temperature range, high shear stability, excellent anti-wear properties ensuring long transmission life and consistent smooth shifting over its whole service period.

The Engen ATF III meets the requirements of Mercedes Benz specification MB 236.1 and is also suitable for use in applications calling for Allison TES 389 performance levels.


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Engen ATF III’s prime applications are car, light truck, on- and off-highway heavy duty automatic transmissions and power steering systems requiring a Dexron III-G, MERCON, Allison C-4 or MB 236.1 type transmission fluid.

It is suitable for electronically controlled converter clutches and for use in some manual transmission units, especially where low-temperature shift ability is a problem.

Engen ATF III is also widely used in industrial hydraulic applications, fluid couplings, mobile hydraulic systems as well as certain rotary vane and screw compressors. It is highly recommended for cold-store hydraulic applications such as forklifts and other material handling equipment by virtue of its excellent extremely-low-temperature performance characteristics.

Due to its wide operating temperature range it is used in marine hydraulic servo applications which are exposed to very high and low temperatures.


• Good wear protection maximizes transmission life.

• Exceeds warranty requirements.

• Compatibility with seal materials.

• Increased oil life and protection against deposit formation.

• Excellent frictional characteristics giving smooth transmission operation.

• Minimizes inventory.


About Engen

Engen Rwanda commenced operations in Rwanda in November 2008 acquiring the assets of TOTAL and thus becoming a leading producer and marketer of a wide range of fuels, lubricants and oil-based products in the country. It currently operates 21 service stations in Rwanda and operates across 18 African markets.

Engen, with us you are number one.


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  • By Engen Rwanda
  • Posted 4th April 2017


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