Locally made, eco-friendly and durable: Crown Paints has it all

Crown Paints most popular product, Ruff n' Tuff, is currently manufactured in Rwanda.

Whenever Vipul Kapur hears people say that Crown Paints are expensive, he gets annoyed. Indeed, according to the Country Manager of Crown Paints Rwanda, the complaint overlooks an important point.

1484046338Crown Paints Vipul Kapur2
Vipul Kapur, Country Manager of Crown Paints Rwanda

“It is not just about how much one bucket of paint costs, it is about how much area it will cover – when you use our product to paint your house, you will need fewer buckets than with other brands,” he points out. “And there is also the durability of the paint – ours looks good for 10 to 15 years. That is not empty talk, we give you that as a guarantee.”

As a result, Kapur says, Crown Paints is the preferred brand for big local and international construction companies, and it adorns the walls of many of the country’s biggest buildings – Kigali Convention Center and the Radisson Blue Hotel, the hotels Mariott and Lemigo in Kigali, and Epic which is coming up in Nyagatare, in addition to the headquarters of RDB and RSSB as well as Kigali City Hall.

The reason for the high quality of Crown Paints is that the company uses the best raw materials from across the globe.

“We’re importing from the UAE, Germany, India and Kenya, among others – we’re using the best raw materials and that is why our products are at par with the best international ones,” Kapur explains. “We’re meeting all the global standards – our products are ISO-certified, and certified by all the main international laboratories.”

1484046450Crown Paints production unit
Crown Paints Rwanda has currently one production unit, but another will be added soon.

These high-quality raw materials can today also be found in the Crown Paints facility in the Special Economic Zone in Kigali. Indeed, while the Rwandan branch used to import the finished paints and related products from the mother company in Kenya, it has recently started manufacturing in Rwanda.

“We have set up a small production unit and have started producing our main product, which is Crown Paints Ruff n’ Tuff, basically a texture finish,” the country manager notes. “This is a very important benchmark for us, and by February at the latest we will expand production by adding one more machine to make other Crown Paints products like weather guards and under-coats. That means that soon, almost 90% of all the products we sell in Rwanda will be manufactured locally.”

“So we can proudly say that our products are, and will be, made in Rwanda,” Kapur adds.

What also makes Crown Paints’ products stand out, apart from their quality and durability, is that they are eco-friendly.

“Recently I participated in a symposium of the Kigali Institute of Architects, where the Green Building Organization of Rwanda was launched,” Kapur says. “Now Crown Paints is the only paint company in Rwanda that has green products, which have zero-VOC. VOC means ‘volatile organic compounds,’ which are chemicals that evaporate and create health hazards for the people around. Our products don’t have any of these compounds so they’re very safe for the people living in houses painted with our products.”

That, too, is certified by the best laboratories in Singapore, Canada and the United States.

“Our products can be used in any place, even hospitals or houses where small kids are living,” Kapur explains. “Normally, you shouldn’t have children around when you’re painting because of the health hazard, but our paints are entirely safe for the users and the people living in the house.”

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 10th January 2017


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