Enjoy the Serena Hotels experience anywhere you want

Country Manager Daniel Sambai stands next to the new refrigerated truck for outside catering.

Over the past years, the hotel sector in Rwanda has undergone a major transformation, with numerous high-quality establishments entering the market and making competition tight. Leading 5-star establishment Serena Hotels had seen it coming, and took steps to diversify its business and take the industry to a new level.

This is exemplified by the hotel’s latest acquisition, a state-of-the-art refrigerated truck which will help Serena Hotels to become a game-changer in outside catering in Rwanda.

“You should be able to diversify business and we have looked at the areas we can branch out to, especially considering the changing business landscape with stiff competition,” Daniel Sambai, the Country Manager of Serena Hotels Rwanda, told Hope Magazine.

He noted that their market research showed that there is a big gap in outside catering in Rwanda when it comes to high-class services – the type that Serena Hotels has an outstanding record in.

“So we decided to strategize and invest in the right kind of equipment, from food warmers to a refrigerated truck. Once we had that, we were able to revamp our outside catering services,” Sambai explained.

1482921945Kigali Serena Hotels new outside catering truck is refrigerated and can cater for up to 1000 people2
Kigali Serena Hotels new outside catering truck is refrigerated and can cater for up to 1000 people.

The new truck is vital in the strategy, the Country Manager pointed out, because in outside catering, proper transport of the food is of the essence.

“Health and safety is critical when it comes to outside catering, which is why we had to invest in the truck to guarantee the right temperatures and hygiene during transport,” Sambai explained.

Kigali Serena’s outside catering service is now fully operational and has already serviced a couple of events.

“We can now deliver the quality and comfort of Serena Hotels anywhere you want. If clients want us to deliver at home, office parties, cocktail events, lunches, weddings, meetings -- we can do it. We can service events of up to a thousand people.

 “Before, you had to come to the hotel to get the Serena experience, but now we can bring it to you,” Sambai said.

With the new truck, Serena’s catering fees are lower now, because the cost of renting vehicles has been removed.

And for that affordable price, you get the full 5-star feel of Serena -- not just the food, but they also come with dining tables, chairs, cutlery, and any other necessities.

“You just have to show us the space to set up, and then enjoy the experience.”

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 28th December 2016


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