Genocide Remains to be Preserved

The National Commission for the fight against the Genocide (CNLG) has partnered with a UK based Canfield University to implement a program aimed at preserving genocide bodies for a period of 150 years.

The Executive Secretary of CNLG, Jean de Dieu Mucyo said that the preservation process is aimed at keeping historical records which will be accessible by future generations.

Other genocide evidence which will also be preserved for a long period includes; weapons used in the holocaust and clothes of victims etc.
Forensic archeologist and anthropology experts from Canfield University will preserve the materials using latest scientific techniques. This activity follows a recommendation from the experts who visited the country three years ago to conduct a study on appropriate ways of preserving genocide evidence.

In this respect, the programme entails a mobile laboratory which will move round the country collecting bodies to preserve with the latest technology.
Martin Muhoza, who is in charge of conservation of Genocide proof and testimonies added that one of the ways to preserve the bodies is by storing them in acrylic coffins.

“Each of the coffins will bear information on how the person was killed, this system of information will facilitate more people to visit genocide memorial sites since the information will be lack hence no need of a guide.”

The program is scheduled to be implemented in five major memorial sites namely; Nyamata,  Bisesero, Nyarubuye, Ntarama and Murambi. 
  • Posted 10th April 2012


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