Watch your ATM Card

ATM card users you are informed of the following precautions to avoid possible ATM hacking risks looming in the city.  Now that some banks in Kigali, have sounded an alert asking clients to look out for suspicious-looking devices on ATM booths or POS (Point of Sale) to avoid your card information being copied
These tips will enable an ATM user to be on the lookout for possible hacking or theft risks that may be just around the corner.
•    Do not disclose  your card or ATM PIN number to any other person under any circumstances
•    Remain vigilant and ensure the card is always in your possession
•    Do not forget to collect your card immediately after use at the ATM or merchant point of sale once the transaction on your card is complete
•    Do not respond to any mails asking for your debit card details, such as card number, expiry date, CVV number, ATM PIN etc.
•    Do not ignore any SMS alerts or calls from the bank regarding your transaction or balance in your account. Please get in touch with the bank as soon as you notice any discrepancy.
•    Keep the bank informed if you change your mobile number or email address so that the bank can contact you easily
•    Do not use Debit card and ATM PIN on any other terminal or machine other than your bank's ATMs
•    If you suspect your card or ATM PIN is compromised, please visit your branch and change your PIN number.
•    When you have finished your transaction, put your cash and card away quickly and move away.
•    Do not accept help from strangers, and be aware that thieves may try to distract you- Do not accept a request for help from strangers at the ATM as well.
•    Be suspicious of anyone offering help, even if they appear to be a bank security officer.
•    Do not leave your keys or valuables in your car while using an ATM, and remember to lock your car doors at drive-thru ATMs.
•    Make sure you take your receipt from the ATM.
Card Security
•    Never tell anyone your PIN number.
•    When you receive a new PIN, memorise it and destroy the slip immediately.
•    Make sure you sign your card on the signature panel as soon as you receive it.
•    Keep a record of card account numbers and telephone numbers for reporting stolen cards.
•    Always keep your card in view when you hand it over to a shopkeeper or trader.
•    Remember, your bank will never ask you for your PIN number!

  • Posted 5th April 2012


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