Stakeholders Urge Natural Resources Ministry on Ecosystem

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MINELA) Wednesday April 4, 2012 met with stakeholders who called for stronger support towards rehabilitating the country’s ecosystem. 

The meeting which was held at Umubano hotel saw participants review annual performance and plans.

Caroline Kayonga the Permanent Secretary at MINELA pointed out that the stakeholders met to discuss performance and strategic direction for next year and beyond.

 “We intend to carry on with our current projects which are in line with the country’s vision 2020 and others will be included the next generation of EDPRS 2,” she said.
In this respect among the projects to be implemented  this year include, conserving forests through planting more trees, reducing soiling erosion by constructing terraces, improving mining and quarrying activities, amongst others.

“So far efforts of evacuating people from marshlands for instance are yielding good results,” she noted.

Adding: “Yesterday we visited residents who used to live on banks of Sebera River. We found them in better living conditions. We also get similar positive responses from Rubavu—an area that was once affected by landslide”.

Kayonga hopes that the ongoing engagements with Natural Resources Sector Working Group (SWG) stakeholders in EDPRS 2 formulation process will be able to come up with concrete and SMART targets for efficient implementation.

  • Posted 5th April 2012


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