Transport Sector Budget Execution at 70 Percent

According to the preliminary Transport Sub-sector Performance Review 2011-2012 Report by the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) the overall budget execution by Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) was satisfactory…at 70 per cent of the total allocated rwf36billion budget.

The Ministry is confident that within the remaining 3 months to the end of this fiscal year, 30 per cent will be achieved.

The results were highlighted at a half-day meeting of the Transport Sector Working Group (SWG) at Telecom House in Kacyiru, Kigali.

The meeting, chaired by the Permanent Secretary of MINIFRA Mr. James Kamanzi, was attended by key stakeholders in the transport sector, including; RTDA, Road Maintenance Fund (RMF), Rwanda Civil Aviation Agency (RCAA) and ONATRACOM, plus key Development Partners (in the Transport sector); including; European Union, USAID, World Bank and Netherlands Embassy.

At the same time, stakeholders reviewed the implementation progress of the targets of the Transport subsector as per EDPRS I assessment review of December 2011.

According to the review report, of the overall national road network, 59.9 per cent is in good condition which has already exceeded the EDPRS target of 31 per cent. However, the District unpaved road network is still in dire state with as low as 15.1 per cent in good condition, which stakeholders especially development partners argue might has increased higher than that considering the recent progress made in rural road development.
Although the budget for maintenance of road transport infrastructure was Rwf1obillion at the beginning of 2011-12 fiscal year, it was revised to over Rwf38billion and 78 per cent of that (which is Rwf30billion) has so far actually been spent.

Like other sector working groups, Transport SWG meets regularly to review progress and also identify implementation gaps.

In line with drafting the EDPRS II, whose official launch is scheduled for end of this year the lead Ministry; Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) has provided Terms of Reference to each SWG to contribute towards EDPRS II priorities and targets—while looking into budgets to ensure SMART targets.

The meeting observed that in developing the transport sector more emphasis needs to be put in developing even other sub sectors other than just roads. In response, Mr. Kamanzi said MININFRA has developed a draft Transport Master Plan due for validation on April 19; which is expected to address the issue of developing other modes of transport like water, railway and air transport.

Rwanda’s road network stands at 14, 000kms, and classified road network at 4, 698kms. The road density is at 0.53km/sq. km. Transport sector contributes 7 per cent of Rwanda’s GDP and represents 15 per cent of total service sector.

This development comes at just weeks after the recent launch of the new law on road usage, construction and maintenance. The law addresses the issue of standards and guidelines on road construction, maintenance and investment or resource mobilization.

In a related development, Mininfra is finalizing budget consultations with stakeholders on the 2012-13 infrastructure budget. Mr. Kamanzi said transport subsector would require about Rwf90billion….but only about Rwf50billion can be confirmed available both from ordinary budget funding and external funding (by development partners). The deficit, the Permanent Secretary expects more aggressiveness in terms of resource mobilization especially from Agencies falling under the Transport subsector.

Stakeholders also called for engagement of Private Sector in Transport sector development projects, through the PPP (Private Public Partnership) framework.  


  • Posted 2nd April 2012


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