Minister Urges ULK Graduates to Create Jobs

The State Minister of Education, Dr. Mathias Harebamungu has encouraged graduands of Kigali Independent University to be diligent on the job market and play a major role in the social and economic transformation of Rwanda.

Harebamungu made the remarks while presiding at the 8th graduation ceremony of 2139 students at Kigali Independent University (ULK), Kigali campus, March 30, 2012.

“The government would like to see the new graduates very creative, innovative and enterprising, so as to create more job opportunities, instead of waiting for advertised jobs in the news papers. I am sure that the skills and knowledge acquired in this university will be a starting point for graduates to become better citizens who are involved in the development of the country” Minister Harebamungu said.

The colorful ceremony was attended by government officials, church leaders and foreign dignitaries. At least 2139 students graduated in various disciplines such as:  law, social science, economic and business studies, science and technology.

The university also graduated its first batch of student graduates (99students) in the newly established faculty of sciences and technology.
The State Minister hailed ULK’s founder and president- Prof Rwigamba Balinda- for his initiative of promoting better standards of education in Rwanda, especially in the area of science and technology.

He said:  “ULK is a successful story in the government’s policy of promoting quality education in Rwanda. This should motivate every Rwandan to value education because the country’s development can be built on core values of education” Harebamungu stated.

Oh his part, Prof Balinda, the Founder and President of ULK, said that the university is set to improve its facilities and provide fundamental education standards in Rwanda and will achieve this by launching a digital library soon which will be connected to first class universities in the world- such as Harvard and Oxford university.

Prof Balinda told the graduates to be good ambassadors of God and humanity in the outside world. He said: “your success depends on the providence of God and upholding the core values of humanity. It is important to show integrity, love, patience and commitment and above all do everything in the light of God’s love and desire to serve the community as servants of God”

Rector of ULK, Dr. Ezechiel Sekibibi said that the university is determined to uphold the Government standards of education and improve the human resources in Rwanda, by producing skilled and capable Graduates on the job market.

Three best students- Maurice Ryumugabe (faculty of Computer sciences), Laurantine Nyinawumuntu (faculty of management) and Alphonse Rutagengwa (faculty of Economics) were rewarded for excelling in academics and other fields of education.

  • Posted 31st March 2012


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