RDB Launches “Na Yombi” to Boost Customer Care

On Monday 27, 2012 6pm at Serena Kigali Hotel during a colourful cocktail well attended by heads of private and public institutions, including top government officials and the media the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) officially launched second version of a nationwide campaign dubbed “Na Yombi”, following the first one called “Gira Ubupfura”.

“Na Yombi” is a slogan of the campaign—a Kinyarwanda word extracted from the theme of campaign that goes:

“Akirana Urugwiro Abakugana Na Maboko Yombi”
loosely translated as “Receive your clients warmly with both hands”

. Whereas Gira Ubupfura means politeness in Kinyarwanda
A big component of this campaign is about capacity building of Rwandans in the service sector of both public and private sectors including; tourism, private sector and government institutions.

In her address to the participants, the RDB Chief Operations Officer (COO) Clare Akamanzi said “Na Yombi” was developed in a more consultative manner. “It is different this time because we consulted the private sector in particular and general public at large and we envision a more positive impact because we will have feedback loops where the public can tell us the areas that need improvement and how they think it should be done,” she said.

She added that the campaign is targeted to benefit to benefit at least 1 million people before end of this year involving training of trainers in customer care.
For institutions that need guidelines on how to turn around their operations to become more customer-centric, under “Na Yombi” campaign RDB provides them with the Service Toolkit which can also be tailored to any business.

During the Gira Ubupfura Campaign, RDB partnered with the Private Sector Federation (PSF) to implement a number of tools including customer care handbook.
Special emphasis will be put on Hoteliers since they interact mostly with local and foreign visitors.

A similar program will also be rolled out to local administration levels through the ministry of local government.
Since the beginning the national Customer Care project  in 2009, over 18,000 people from various sectors have been trained to offer good customer service. Beneficiary institutions include; Rwanda National Police, National Social Security Fund, hotels and restaurants, financial institutions, Private Sector Federation and many others.

  • Posted 27th March 2012


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