Yegomoto gets license to install connected fare meters on taxi-motos

Yegomoto’s CEO, Karanvir Singh and the Deputy Head of Transport at RURA, Aaron Ndagijimana.

Yegomoto has received a license from the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency to install intelligent connected fare meters on all the motorcycles in the country.

Rwanda becomes the first country in the world to have the metered motorcycle taxi services with cashless payments.

According to Yegomoto’s CEO, Karanvir Singh, the transport company is proud to be a pioneer in partnership with RURA, the police and other stakeholders in creating the world class project.

“We are delighted to announce, we have received the license from the regulator to install the intelligent connected fare meters all taxi-motos in the country. The regulator has asked us to complete the process within nine months and we expect to meet the deadline,” he said.

Since the process started 18 months ago with market research, Yegomoto has installed 680 meters on the motorcycles in Kigali, and Singh pledged to complete the task in the capital in the next six months and across the country in nine months.

“It has been a long journey, we have worked with all the stakeholders since 2016 to find out what were the real challenges to taxi motorcycle industry in the country. We conducted a detailed field survey for over one year and half that gave us deep insight into to industry. We studied how taxi- motos operate, and their challenges,” Singh said.

Aaron Ndagijimana, Deputy Head of Transport at RURA said Yegomoto comes to solve challenges for both the motorcyclists and the passengers.

“Negotiations between motorcyclists and passengers were amongst the problems as it was time consuming, but with the meter both parties are going to be. So it is a win-win situation,” he said.

Yegomoto has recently introduced payments through MTN’s Mobile Money Tap & Go method, and has announced this will soon be extended to both TIGO and Airtel. The company also plans to integrate with banks to provide seamless payment from their wallets and bank accounts.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 14th February 2018


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