MTN Rwanda launches ‘Birangize na MoMo’ Campaign

The campaign communicates how, through the evolution of MTN Mobile Money, peoples' lives have become simpler and more convenient

MTN Rwanda has launched its latest multi-channel Mobile Money campaign called ‘Birangize na MoMo,’ which emphasises the mobile operator’s bold views on aligning itself with the government’s drive to digitise the economy.

The campaign articulates MTN’s commitment to contributing to the national economic strategy on enhancing cashless transactions that offers convenience and security to all Rwandans.

“MTN has developed and deployed numerous innovative financial products aimed at convenience and safety while supporting the drive towards a cashless economy,” said MTN Ag. CMO, Richard Acheampong. “We are communicating how, through the evolution of MTN Mobile Money, peoples' lives have become simpler and more convenient. Today, the sim card gives you more than just voice and data; you can perform your financial transactions anywhere and at any time, from your mobile phone.”

A key criterion of the campaign is that it showcases and celebrates what customers can do because of the role Mobile Money plays in their lives, such as paying water bills, buying airtime, paying for electricity, paying for parking tickets, paying taxes and so much more, all in the most unexpected places. Most of these services are actually paid at no extra cost to the MoMo subscriber.

“We know the enormous potential MTN Mobile Money has to transform our lives. As more services are deployed on the Mobile Money platform, it is important for us to continue to drive financial inclusion in a manner that the average subscriber can identify with and finds valuable,” Acheampongadded.

This campaign is MTN’s most ambitious yet. It comprises a number of television events and a combination of print, online, outdoor and mobile creative features. The vibrant jingle that kicks off this campaign is done by local up-and-coming artists Benjamin Ntwali and Paulin Banamwana who are students, and Aline Sano Shengero who is actively pursuing a music career.

“Our brand has evolved with Rwandan musicians such as Tom Close, Jay Polly, Mani Martin, Riderman, Charly & Nina, many of who were still fresh in the industry but have risen to become some of the biggest names in Rwandan music today. We are taking our partnerships a notch higher by working with talented upcoming musicians to drive a campaign that is transformational both for our subscribers and also for these young upcoming musicians. The models featured in all our brand campaigns are also proudly Rwandan. We continue to support and promote the development of such artists by giving them platforms to showcase their talents,” Acheampong concluded.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 13th February 2018


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