State Minister Munyakazi calls for parentsí cooperation with schools

State Minister Isaac Munyakazi and Drocelle Mukashema, Karongiís vice-Mayor in charge of Social Affairs, visiting IPRC West.

In the context of the campaign to raise awareness on the quality of education launched by the ministry of education earlier this week, the State Minister in charge of Primary & Secondary Education, Isaac Munyakazi, held a meeting in Karongi district. Together with head teachers, sector education officers (SEO), faith based organization stakeholders in education, representatives of parents-teachers associations (PTA) and local leaders, he reflected on how to maintain and improve the quality of education.

“I urge parents-teachers associations to meet regularly with parents,” Munyakazi said. “Remember that education starts at home: an undisciplined child will not perform well at school. It is crucial that parents get involved and play their role accordingly.”

One mother recognized that some parents tend to forget their crucial role.

”There are parents who never respond to the school invitation to attend meetings, who never visit their children at school; they tend to delegate their responsibilities to school managers,” she said, promising that as a member of the local PTA, she would be a catalyst of change.

She emphasized that collaboration between parents and schools is essential to prevent drop-outs, drugs abuse or teenage pregnancies.

Munyakazi also observed that when parents are collaborative, school management will be easy and transparent.

“Because school managers will realise that they are accountable to parents and society,” he said.

Drocelle Mukashema, Karongi’s vice-Mayor in charge of Social Affairs, also pledged the support of the local authorities. 

“As local leaders, we vow to work closely with the population to uphold the quality education,” she said. “This will be possible when we share information and hold regular meetings. Education is our responsibility.”

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 7th February 2018


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