Police turns road safety focus to private vehicles

Most road accidents in January were caused by private vehicles.

The Rwanda National Police (RNP) has issued a warning to reckless drivers, especially those driving private vehicles.

The January road safety status puts privately owned vehicles and motorcycles at the top of the list of those involved in accidents. At least 78 serious accidents were registered, most of them involving private vehicles.

At least 53 accidents were caused by speeding, 52 by careless manoeuvres, and 61 resulted from violation of right of way. 22 accidents involved drivers without a license, according to the report.

141 drivers involved in accidents were men compared to 67 women.

“While measures have been taken and are paying off to prevent accidents and fatalities caused by passenger service vehicles (PSVs) and cargo vehicles, private vehicles have now become a serious threat to road users,” said senior supt. Emmanuel Kabanda, the spokesman for the Traffic and Road Safety Department.

The tremendous reduction in accidents involving PSVs and cargo vehicles is partly due to the compulsory installation of speed governors.

“Careless behaviour by drivers of private vehicles such as speeding, reckless manoeuvres, violation of right of way and failure to respect safe distance continue to be the major cause of accidents,” Kabanda pointed out. “We appeal to drivers to revise their conduct while on road – respect traffic lights and zebra crossings, avoid drunk driving and make sure that the car is roadworthy.”

He stressed that proper maintenance of the vehicles is important, as bad weather often leads to more accidents due to old tyres or malfunctioning windscreen wipers, and therefore He cautioned against cheating to obtain the mechanical inspection certificate or forging stickers, as it leaves the vehicle unsafe.

“We have increased our deployments on the roads to ensure that all road safety standards are met,” Kabanda said. “But our main focus is not on penalising defaulters but on ensuring that everyone is safe on road.”

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 7th February 2018


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