Mineduc starts awareness campaign on quality of education

The objective of the campaign is to reinforce awareness of issues that impede the quality of education.

The ministry of education in partnership with the ministry of local government and other stakeholders is organizing a country-wide Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign that will be held on a quarterly basis.

This year, the first phase starts today, 5th February, and ends on 15th February. The theme is ‘Good learning methods and cultural values are the foundation of quality education.’

The objective of the Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign is to reinforce awareness of District Education Officers, Sector Education Officers, head teachers and all education stakeholders to address issues that impede the quality of education. 

The campaign will involve Mineduc and its affiliated agencies, as well as other stakeholders such as local government leaders, district and sector education officers, private school owners, faith based organizations, NGOs, school general assembly committees, school head teachers, RDF, RNP, National Reserve Force and key opinion leaders. 

The awareness campaign on quality education enhancement will focus on the following issues such as school drop-out and repetition; school management and leadership; efficiency in teaching and learning in schools, TVET and higher institutions of learning; school hygiene and sanitation; unwanted pregnancies; prevention of drugs use; practical training to enhance student skills mainly in TVET and higher learning; linkages between tertiary education and the private sector to enhance entrepreneurial skills. 

The outreach and sensitization activities target more than 600 schools (primary, general TVET and secondary schools and higher learning institutions) in all districts.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 5th February 2018


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