Suspected defiler of minor arrested when attempting to bribe police

Two men suspected of criminal acts were arrested separately on Saturday after trying to bribe police officers.

In Kigabiro sector in Rwamagana, Valence M. was apprehended after he attempted to bribe an officer with Rwf 20,000. The suspect was wanted by police for allegedly asexually abusing an 18-year old girl, and has been in hiding.

“On Saturday, he reached out to the officer in charge of his case and offered the bribe in order to drop the case; he was immediately taken into custody,” said CIP Theobald Kanamugire, the Eastern region police spokesman.

M. will now, in addition to defilement, also be charged with attempted bribery, Kanamugire said.

In Gahunga sector in Burera a man found in possession of hundreds of prohibited plastic bags on Saturday offered Rwf 10,000 to a police officer to avoid arrest. He too was immediately taken into custody.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 5th February 2018


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