Mobisol partners with Tecno Rwanda to increase access to its products

The joint Mobisol-Tecno shop in Rwamagana.

Mobisol Rwanda on Thursday launched a partnership with Tecno Rwanda to increase its visibility and widen the clientele base.

Speaking at the launch in Rwamagana, Mobisol’s Senior Head of Operations, Patrick Mugabo, said they chose Tecno Rwanda because of their business model and aggressive approach to the market.

“Tecno has the same business model as us, that is why we proposed them this deal,” he said.

1516974277Mobisol-Tecno (2)
Some of Mobisol’s products on display.

Under the agreement, Mobisol will sell its products in 30 Tecno shops in all the districts in the country, on top of the 11 existing Mobisol outlets.

“This is a cost-cutting strategy from which both companies will benefit equally. Most importantly, Tecno’s shops attendants are already trained in electronics, so it will be easy for Mobisol clients to get explanations about and access to our products,” Mugabo said. “People have sometimes been traveling long distances to access our products, but now it has been made easier for them.”

Rwanda’s leading off-grid solar energy company has successfully installed more than 80,000 solar home systems in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 19th January 2018


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