Muslim youth in Ngororero told to be constructive and shun crime

District police commander Marc Gasangwa addresses the youth.

Muslim youth in Ngororero District have been urged not to get involved in illegal activities and volunteer information on suspected criminals to security bodies for investigations, arrests, and prosecution.

The call was made by the mayor of Ngororero, Godefroid Ndayambaje, during a meeting with over 100 Muslim youth in Kabaya Sector. It was also attended by the district police commander Marc Gasangwa.

The meeting was organised by the Islamic community in Ngororero to sensitize the youth on the issue of crime, and encourage them to join efforts with others in the country's socioeconomic transformation.

The mayor challenged them to shun all activities that may lead them into conflict with the law, but rather work with security bodies and local leaders to promote peace and stability in their communities.

“You should not only refrain from crime but play a central role in raising awareness among your peers to desist from any criminal activities, report drugs dealers and all illegal acts,” Ndayambaje said.

He urged them to focus on their education, support their family and community development activities.

Gasangwa for his part observed that youth between the ages of 18 and 30 are the main perpetrators of crimes such as drugs dealing and consumption. He said the youth today should be more preoccupied by devising means of coming together in developmental activities, rather than getting involved in crime.

“Your efforts and energies should be complimenting the government’s efforts to transform the country,” the DPC said.

Husein Guramu, the head of the Muslim community in Ngororero, stressed the benefits of promoting peace and unity, and said Islam means peace and total submission to God.

The imam thanked authorities for maintaining peace, security and freedom of worship, and said that Muslim leaders strive to educate the youth on national values to transform them into a focused and patriotic generation.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 8th January 2018


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