Kigali Serena celebrates Christmas with children with disabilities

The children from the Heroes Day Care Centre had a marvellous time at Kigali Serena.

Staff of Kigali Serena Hotel has celebrated Christmas with children from the Heroes Day Care Centre through its annual ‘Light Up A Life’ initiative.

The Centre takes care of children who live with severe disabilities feel loved and appreciated.

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Kigali Serena’s Deputy General Manager, James Nzavara.

Kigali Serena’s Deputy General Manager, James Nzavara, said the hotel’s management is happy to host the children.

“It is part of the hotel’s culture of giving back to the community, and it is the fifth year we organise such a party; we are honoured to have these kids here,” he said.

The Light Up A Life initiative is a corporate social responsibility program which runs in all Serena hotels, resorts, lodges and camps at the end of the year; they work with selected children’s homes and schools from the communities that surround their African properties to ask hundreds of children to tell them which gift they would like to have for Christmas.

Annonciate Nyiragwinza, the head of Heroes Day Care Centre, said it helps children with disabilities recover and improve so that they can study with other kids in normal schools.

“We want thank Serena hotel for the love they have shown these children, we appreciate it very much. These kids deserve love from everyone, they can be happy like other children, so I call on parents to bring their children to the centre to get help,” Nyiragwinza said.

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Annonciate Nyiragwinza, the head of Heroes Day Care Centre.


Heroes Day Care Centre was founded by the APEH association as a place where children are given the opportunity to develop their full potential – physical, social, communication, cognitive, self-help skills and independence.

The centre focuses on children with serve physical disabilities who do not yet have access to education elsewhere despite their normal intelligence.

In Heroes Day Care Centre, the association creates a natural learning environment where children can learn daily living skills from and be motivated by their peers and trainers, with the support of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and specialists on specific education needs.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 22nd December 2017


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