President Kagame opens 15th Umushyikirano

President Kagame delivering the State of the Nation address.

President Kagame on Monday opened the 15th National Dialogue (Umushyikirano), bringing together Rwandans from across the country and the Diaspora. He also delivered the State of the Nation Address, where he outlined the country’s achievements and strategies laid by the Government to overcome challenges that have hindered development.

“The State of our Nation is something we should evaluate constantly,” he observed. “Is the pace of development as fast as we would like? Are we looking after the well-being of all Rwandans without leaving anyone behind? The responsibility to ask and provide answers is ours. We have had to deal with so many challenges, even impossible ones. But we rebuilt, and are stronger and more resilient than ever before.”

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On Monday, there were panel discussions on the National Strategy for Transformation and on Values for Prosperity.

“We will continue to document and preserve our history, and to pursue accountability for ourselves, and others, where necessary. We cannot take our gains, or our future prosperity, for granted. Peace, security, and national cohesion are not irreversible. The expectations of Rwandans are growing fast. This is not a problem, so long as it pulls our ambitions higher, and fuels a culture of always striving to do more, and better,” Kagame added.

“We have opportunities and we have each other. Hard work and the commitment to serve all Rwandans is what will lead to our country’s transformation. Thank you for playing an active role in our development, for preserving the gains we have made and our security. You are the foundation of our progress,” he further said.

Yet in his address, the President also called for a fundamental change in the education system, if the country is to achieve its quest to attain a knowledge-based economy.

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A participant makes a point on the first day of Umushyikirano.

“I believe that a revolution in the quality of education, at all levels, must be among our highest priorities. Human capital is the most important feature of a high-income economy,” he remarked.

During the two-day Umushyikirano meeting, Rwandans gathered in Kigali and those following the proceedings from different platforms across the country will dialogue on issues affecting the country and devise way to overcome them.

On Monday, there were panel discussions on the National Strategy for Transformation and on Values for Prosperity.

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  • Posted 19th December 2017


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