Eight winners get Rwf 60m interest-free loans in BK Urumuri initiative

Representatives of the eight winners with BK officials.

Bank of Kigali has announced the eight winners of its BK Urumuri initiative which awards interest-free loans worth Rwf 60 million in total.

The initiative is part of the bank’s golden jubilee celebrations, to give something back to Rwandans.

According to BK’s CEO Diane Karusisi, the announcement of the winners was the end of a great journey that started at the beginning of the year.

“When we designed this initiative, we wanted to contribute to the businesses that keep us in business,” she explained.  

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BK’s CEO Diane Karusisi: “We wanted to contribute to the businesses that keep us in business.”

Karusisi said over the past 50 years, the bank has grown because there were many entrepreneurs worked with it to create value both for themselves and for the bank; they became successful and the bank became bigger.

BK Urumuri attracted more than 400 applications since March, and 50 of them were withheld for a mentorship training conducted by Inkomoko. 13 finalists were then selected, which subsequently resulted in 8 winners.

“When we started we were not sure how to do this, but when we sat down with Inkomoko we saw a very great partner who has made initiative a great success,” Karusisi said.

Inkomoko screened the applications and selected start-ups with diverse, ambitious and innovative projects.

“We announce the 8 winners, but we are all winners: the 400 applicants are winners, the 50 that went through the trainings are winners, we as the bank are winners and above all our country is winning,” Karusisi said.

She promised the competition will be repeated next year in an even bigger way.

SafeMotos, a tech start-up which developed an app that connects customers to safe taxi-moto drivers, was the biggest winner with a loan of Rwf 11.7m, followed by PuroPro Windshields (Rwf 9.3m) and Karisimbi Wines (Rwf 9m).

Mudacumura Publishing received Rwf 8m, DSIS&T Rwf 4m, Yummy and Fresh Delivery Rwf 3.5m, and Murukali Online Rwf 6m.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 15th December 2017


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