Kasha Rwanda products for women’s health officially launched

Kasha CEO and co-founder Joanna Bichsel cuts the ribbon with Clement Uwajeneza, CEO of Rwandaoline.

Kasha Rwanda, a modern e-commerce platform for female healthcare and personal care products, has officially launched its operations in Rwanda.

According to Dianne Dusaidi, Kasha’s Country Director, the company started in Rwanda inspired by the hard work the government has put into building businesses, especially in ICT.

Kasha has been operational in Rwanda since last year and also operates in the region. It plans planning to move to other parts of the continent.

“Kasha is a beauty and health platform which is was made for a multidimensional modern African woman, who acts on choice and convenience, with products for woman of different social and economic backgrounds,” Dusaidi explained.

Kasha has already partnered with various local businesses to make health and beauty products available to women in Rwanda.

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Kasha CEO Joanna Bichsel, COO Amanda Arch and Country Director Dianne Dusaidi cutting a cake at the official launch of Kasha Rwanda.

“We built a brand that is recognizable by all consumers as a trusted place to purchase personal healthcare products where we can provide an affordable e-commerce experience,” explained CEO and co-founder, Joanna Bichsel.

According to her, Kasha exists because women are the biggest business opportunity and the way women access health products today is an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience; therefore, technology can enable confidential access to women’s health products at scale.

Bichsel added it is also a modern technological platform that enables women to freely order their healthcare and personal care products in Kigali.

The Kasha retail and content platform was built to be as accessible using any basic mobile phone. A client can order on www.kasha.rw were all the details on each available product is provided. On a mobile phone, you can also order from Kasha by dialing *911# and follow the steps. Lastly, you can call on the free 9111 number to order.

Exclusive Photos: Kasha Official Launch

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Kasha products displayed during the launch.
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  • Posted 9th December 2017


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