Q&A on Airtel Bomba Packs with Commercial Director Moses Abindabizemu

Airtel Rwanda's Commercial Director Moses Abindabizemu,

Airtel has kept a great reputation as best telecom with fast, affordable internet and calling rates since penetrating Rwandan market. What have you done best to maintain this reputation?

When we entered Rwanda, Airtel’s sole objective was to demystify communication and make it very convenient for every Rwandan. To make this happen, we had to invest heavily in infrastructure, distribution and people. Having set this standard, we had to ensure that this objective is effectively achieved and sustained.

So what have we done? We have ensured we give the best price offers on the market, be it for voice or data. I believe we give better value than what Rwandans normally expect.

We ensure we deliver what we promise. If we promise a good data experience, we give that by investing more & monitoring in our quality KPIs to keep them top of the bar. No one today can challenge Airtel on our internet experience.

You recently launched a new service called Bomba Packs. Tell us about it…

This is a product that perfectly fits into our strategic objectives – Giving much more value for less to all Rwandans. It’s a 4-in-1 product that gives 1GB every day, free calls to Airtel numbers, free SMS plus you get to call other networks at only 20Rwf per minute. For just Rwf 500 a day or Rwf 3,000 a week or Rwf 10,000 a month, you get to enjoy all you need to communicate with your loved ones and stream the world with ease.

With the introduction of Bomba packs, calling, browsing and texting have been demystified. If you are not using Bomba today, you are surely paying more somewhere else.

What are the unique benefits of Bomba packs to Airtel subscribers?

The core advantage is that subscribers can now budget for their communication needs. For example, once I subscribe to a Bomba pack, I don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. For as little as 10,000 francs, I can contact my family members, colleagues and business partners for an entire month.

Why did you decide to bundle up data and voice?

With data, subscribers get an online connection to stream the world in an instant and with voice, they can communicate in real time with whomever they choose. By bundling them together, our subscribers do not have to go through the hustle of buying and subscribing to each bundle separately; they just subscribe to a pack and they get everything that they need instantly.

We now even give free texts and calls to other networks at the lowest off-net rate in Rwanda – Rwf 20 per minute.

Which base of subscribers does Bomba Packs target?

Bomba targets all customers both on Airtel and with other networks… Anyone can subscribe to Bomba.

How can subscribers access these packs?

Simply Dial *456#, Select Bomba (Option 1) and select either a daily, weekly or monthly pack that suits your needs.

What more can you tell our readers?

I would like to promise the readers that we shall continue to provide them with the best telecommunications solutions. For those already on Airtel, I call upon you to enjoy the experience. For those who have not yet joined, switch to enjoy the most affordable rates, the best services and an overall excellent experience.

  • By Airtel Rwanda
  • Posted 5th December 2017


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