Yegomoto rewards exemplary drivers with smartphones and motorcycle

Winner Jean-Claude Munyemana receives the keys for his new motorcycle from Yego Innovision’s CEO Karanvir Singh.

Yegomoto, the technology company which provides a GPS tracking and metering system to taxi-motos, on Monday gave away two smartphones and a motorcycle to its drivers to encourage exemplary behaviour and help the drivers improve their lives.

Yegomoto, which is a project of Yego Innovision Ltd, equips taxi-motos with a GPS device which allows the company to track them and also includes a metre to calculate the fare based on the exact distance covered. By April 2018, all 15,000 motor-taxis operating in Kigali City will be equipped with Yegomoto metres. The system also encourages the motards to drive safely (as they are monitored) and be in order with all paperwork such as registration, insurance and membership of a cooperative.

For the motorcycles give-away, which took place at Kigali Heights where the Yegomoto headquarters are located, the company made a pre-selection of 23 of its most exemplary drivers, who were then invited to a raffle in which two motards received a smartphone and one lucky winner, Jean-Claude Munyemana, got a brand new motorcycle.

1512458752Yegomoto tombola web (2)
The winners of the first Yegomoto tombola.

Yego Innovision’s CEO Karanvir Singh explained that the initiative is meant to encourage the drivers to show exemplary behaviour in terms of using the Yegomoto metre, paying insurance and cooperative membership and driving safely. It also helps them improve their livelihood.

“Many of the motorcycle drivers rent their taxi-moto, which can cost Rwf 5,000 per day. Now, the winner of the bike will not have to pay this rent anymore, which will save him a lot of money,” Singh said. “Also, a new motorcycle is likely to be preferred by clients.”

He added that Yegomoto will give away smartphones and a motorcycle every month.

Winner Munyemana for his part was beaming with joy, because even if he did own his own motorcycle, it was very old and its replacement was most welcome.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 5th December 2017


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