MTN in partnership with Yegomoto to extend digital inclusion

Karanvir Singh, the CEO and Managing Director of Yego Innovision and Norman Munyampundu, MTN’s Chief Business Officer, shake hands on the partnership.

MTN Rwanda has partnered with Yego Innovision, a local company that has designed a convenient way of helping motor-taxi drivers calculate transport fees electronically.

The Yegomoto meter includes a GPS, which automatically calculates the price of the fare based on the distance travelled by the passenger.This innovative service will enable the 1.3 million active Mobile Money users to pay for motorcycle fares with MTN Mobile Money.

“MTN has the widest and largest network in the country, so it is only logical that we are key partners in promoting digital inclusion and encouraging e-commerce across Rwanda with Yegomoto,” said MTN’s Chief Business Officer, Norman Munyampundu. “Yegomoto is changing the face of the motorcycle transport industry in Rwanda and we are glad to be a part of this journey.”

By April 2018, all 15,000 motor-taxis operating in Kigali City will be equipped with Yegomoto meters, thus bringing an end to haggling over fares. In 2018, this service will be extended to the rest of Rwanda. In the first 76 days since the launch, Yegomoto drivers have made 297,461 trips and covered 1,495,457 kilometres.

“We are delighted to partner with MTN,” remarked Karanvir Singh, the CEO and Managing Director of Yego Innovision. “With their countrywide coverage, Yegomoto will soon be available on all motor-taxis – from the biggest town to the smallest village.”

MTN’s partnership with Yegomoto to bring this innovative cashless payment solution to the public reflects the commitment of both companies to contribute to the national strategy on expanding cashless transactions that offer convenience and security to all Rwandans.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 30th November 2017


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