Top police officers out on the street for road safety

Police chief Emmanuel K. Gasana distributing flyers in Rugende along the Kigali-Rwamagana highway.

The road safety campaign launched a fortnight ago by the police has continued, as its leadership, commissioners and senior officers took to the streets to talk to people on how to use the roads safely to avoid accidents.

The initiative, which aims to sensitise people on traffic regulations and road safety, is held under the theme ‘Know and Respect Traffic Rules to Save Lives.’

The inspector general of police Emmanuel K. Gasana, who was on the Eastern axis, went from vehicle to vehicle giving road safety tips to drivers and passengers, and urged each to play their role to ensure that traffic regulations are observed.

“Don’t allow to be transported by a drunk driver; when it comes to safety, each one of you becomes responsible for your own life but also that of others,” Gasana told passengers in Rugende along the Kigali-Rwamagana highway. “When a driver is using a phone, speeding or driving in a reckless way, it’s your life they are putting in danger.”

“Having zero accidents is our target, and it is your responsibility as well to provide an accident-free environment. We argue you to learn and respect the traffic regulations in order to achieve that,” he said, talking to pedestrians, motorcyclists, drivers and cyclists.

Pedestrians are the main victims of accidents, according the latest report, accounting for 46% of those killed between August and October this year and 21% of the 254 people with serious injuries.

“Accidents hamper the development of our nation, we lose many people in accidents yet the primary resource of our country is its people; unfortunately many people are losing their lives and others are incapacitated by accidents caused by reckless drivers, motorcyclists and even pedestrians, not to mention destroyed property. We can prevent all these if we all use the road responsibly,” Gasana pointed out.

He urged pedestrians to always use sidewalks, keep left, ensure maximum vigilance when crossing the road and use zebra crossing where they exist, and appealed to vehicle passengers to always call the police if they feel the driver is putting their lives in danger.

The police chief also distributed flyers containing road safety messages to pedestrians, passengers, cyclists and motorists, and put road safety stickers on automobiles.

Along the Northern axis, the deputy IGP in charge of Administration and Personnel, echoed the message and tutored passengers on their role in preventing road accidents.

“Learning and respecting traffic rules is a collective responsibility because at the end of the day we all use roads; if we don’t do it properly we end up causing accidents which claim lives of innocent people; always be careful,” Marizamunda told road users in Shyorongi.

Commissioners and senior officers from the general headquarters reinforced territorial units in regions and districts in the same exercise.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 24th November 2017


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