WASAC steps up awareness drive on non-revenue water

New water pipes being laid during road works; broken pipes are on of the causes of non-revenue water.

In a bid to promote the efficient use of water by reducing losses, the Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) is currently raising awareness among the population about non-revenue water.

Non-revenue water is water lost through leakages, overflow of reservoirs, water theft and errors in meter reading or billing.

To make the public more aware of the issue, and its role in tackling it, WASAC recently launched a national campaign which was kicked off at Murugarama Primary school in Nyamirambo.

“Currently, non-revenue water stands at 35%,” explained WASAC CEO Aime Muzola.

During the launch, the utility trained students on non-revenue water and their role in reducing it. The focus on primary students was inspired by 8-year-old Yasiri Rukundo, who went viral on social media some time ago when he was pictured trying to fix a broken pipe which he found while taking his younger sister to school.

His internet fame resulted in a scholarship from WASAC, as well as a bicycle and other gifts.

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WASAC CEO Aime Muzola handing over gifts to 8-year-old Yasiri Rukundo and his family.

“We appreciate Yasiri Rukundo for taking that bold step to fix a broke pipe. We encourage Yasiri’s peers to report any issues within the water infrastructure sector and become our ambassadors in the imidugudu,” Muzola said.

The non-revenue water awareness campaign will last for three months and aims at encouraging the public to report leakages, water theft or malpractices regarding meter reading and billing.

The water and sanitation body also encourages the public to participate in all the activities they have planned, some of which include posing questions via the hashtag #AskWASAC on print media outlets.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 21st November 2017


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