Passengers report reckless bus driver, gets arrested

The reckless driver was at the wheel of a Stella bus.

A reckless driver of a Stella bus has been detained after worried passengers reported him to the police.

According to witnesses, the driver of the bus on the Kayonza-Kigali road was constantly talking on his phone or texting, and ignored requests from passengers to stop it and concentrate on the road.

This resulted in several calls from passengers and pedestrians about his erratic driving, which on several occasions nearly caused accidents, according to CIP Emmanuel Kabanda, the spokesman for the Traffic and Road Safety department.

“The driver, according to passengers, persistently kept on the phone while using one hand to drive. Passengers requested him to leave the phone, but he rudely disregarded them and even left one of the passengers, who was headed to Kigali, in Kayonza,” he said. “The passengers also took photos, which they sent to us through social media, and the driver was located and arrested.”

“We have seen several accidents where drivers concentrate on handsets, lose control and kill people, such as the recent accident by a Ritco bus, which killed three people. We can’t let these deadly behaviours continue, and we are happy that passengers have understood their rights to safety,” Kabanda noted.

“If we are to effectively tackle this problem of risky driving, we need the public to break the silence and call us whenever they see it. They have a right to get out of the vehicle if they feel their life is in danger, and call the police,” he added.

The police recently launch a road safety campaign, which will successively focus on pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and vehicles.

“We want everyone to know that ensuring road safety starts with an individual understanding and respecting road safety rules, and make it an individual role to report anyone who violates them,” Kabanda said.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 21st November 2017


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