Artists join Unicef to create songs, TV and radio programs for children

Participants in the Unicef workshop came up with original material for children.

A workshop for innovative communication in early childhood development (ECD), organized by the United Nations’ children’s fund Unicef, attracted over 70 participants last week. Participants included musicians, graphic designers, filmmakers, ECD specialists, media representatives, performance artists, and more.

The workshop produced content for young children in Rwanda. These materials are critical for children’s early learning because they learn best through play, games and music.

Prominent Rwandan singers and musicians have already joined the effort to create songs for children, including Charly & Nina, Riderman, Sophie Nzayisenga, Peace Jolis and Maurix Baru.

“Through this workshop, I have been converted twice,” said Peace Jolis. “First, I cannot wait to be a father and engage in the child’s development in early childhood. Second, I plan to compose music for young children. I hope to be the ‘Pied Piper’ for little ones.”

The workshop concluded on Saturday with the launch of the newly produced children’s content, which is expected to become widely available shortly.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 13th November 2017


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