City of Kigali and police launch 7th security and hygiene campaign

Police joined residents in Muhima to clean up the neighbourhood.

The seventh edition of the Security and Hygiene campaign by the City of Kigali and the police has been launched in Muhima, Nyarugenge District with communal cleaning activities.

Kigali residents joined officials, police and army officers in the launch of the two-month campaign, presided over by the mayor of the City of Kigali, Pascal Nyamulinda, and the inspector general of police Emmanuel K. Gasana.

The campaign will focus on sensitising the public to play an active role in hygiene and security. Its theme is ‘Keeping Kigali City Clean, Green and Safe.’

“Security and hygiene are two winning cards that add value and improve the quality of life. We thank everyone that has been part of this campaign,” said Nyamulinda. “We need to make this a culture, not just a practice.”

He added that the City of Kigali aims at promoting the health and safety of all residents and visitors, which is a base that provides a harmonious environment for the development of the city.

In this regard, Nyamulinda said that remarkable measures have been registered through strategies to promote, protect and preserve the health of the people through maintaining hygiene standards.

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Police officers cleaning weeds at the launch of the Security and Hygiene campaign.

“Security and hygiene are the source of development. We should, therefore, give this exercise value to continue make Kigali safer and cleaner,” noted Gasana.

He commended the partnership between the police and the city of Kigali in ensuring a safe, green and clean capital, and added that this culture is also tailored on advancing socio-economic development.

“Together, we have achieved a lot in the last six campaigns that have contributed to the safety and welfare of city residents,” the police chief said. “However, we are still faced with challenges of drug abuse, abuse of alcohol by minors and child-related crimes, and road accidents due to negligence of traffic rules. But we will continue putting much efforts in addressing these issues.”

Gasana reminded residents that where there is no sanitation and hygiene, people are at risk of easily contracting diseases, and that a “sick person is an insecure one.”

Three phases

The activities are planned in three phases. The first phase focuses on mobilization and sensitization of the communities regarding solid waste management, rehabilitation and creation of water channels and protection wetlands and the environment in general.

The second phase concerns security, during which action will be taken in areas where standards are not respected. Awareness will be raised, inspections carried out, and penalties imposed to those that do not comply with hygiene and security standards in the City of Kigali.

The third phase will focus on capacity building for hygiene-related companies, NGOs and beneficiaries, to ensure they fully understand their role with regards to the hygiene and security standards.

The campaign also involves a competition in which the best performing sector will win a truck.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 1st November 2017


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