Nyarugenge woman arrested for abducting two-year-old

A 23-year-old woman has been arrested in Mageragere Sector of Nyarugenge District for allegedly breaking into a house at night and abducting a two-year old toddler.

The unusual incident happened at about 3am on Saturday when Consolee N. entered the house of Charlotte Mukarukundo and took the baby as the mother was asleep.

The two women were previously housemates.

However, it is said that recently N. took Mukarukundo to a traditional healer in Kagarama in Kicukiro District to treat the infant of a tooth disease locally known as ibyinyo. Doctors say ibyinyo is the natural teething stage that all babies go through, beginning at around six months of age, and prematurely extracting the teeth as traditional healers usually do is not a cure, and causes serious permanent damage to the child

Mukarukundo, however, couldn’t afford the healer’s fee, and returned home while N. didn’t.

When she noticed that her baby had disappeared, Mukarukundo raised the alarm, and neighbours alerted the police and jointly started the search.

“After about six hours of search, the police and residents found N. hiding in an old house in Nyarurenzi Village of Nyarurenzi Cell in Mageragere with the baby,” said Emmanuel Hitayezu, the police spokesman for the City of Kigali.

“This is criminal act of abduction as stated in article 224 of the penal code. Police is still investigating the main motive of abduction,” he noted.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 31st October 2017


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